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There is a town under Lake Lanier creating danger years later

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Dive teams respond to most rescue and recovery calls made on Lake Lanier. They deal with dangerous conditions that have proven deadly to hundreds of people.

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What they donโ€™t tell you is that it was a thriving wealthy black town that was allegedly flooded. Stay woke

by Brian Williams 3 days ago

Listening to all these stories I think this place should not be messed with and people definitely should not be swimming in the lake

by Sky Summers 3 days ago

The curse of racial violence

by Russ Carr 3 days ago

Itโ€™s crazy how the news blatantly lied about how lake Lanier was built. The real know.

by Trey Beezy 4 days ago

2020, I'm not sure how old this video maybe. Lake Lanier is most definitely not for recreation. What some people are not aware of is; how many people died on that land because they refused to leave their home's. When the flood gates were open to make Lake Lanier a lot of people died. Lake Lanier is a water burial ground and you know what that means. Off limits!

by Art Monarchia 2 weeks ago

Can't seem to find the story anywhere. Can somebody tell me where I can find the TRUE STORY of Lake Lanier please

by Veronica Cooper 2 days ago

Does Stephen King know about this? This would make a great subject for a suspense or horror movie/book.

by Taylor Queensbury 11 months ago

Here after taco Tarantinos video.

by Jada Marie 7 months ago

2017 I still can't believe my cousin still down there. RIP TROY

by Cherelle Howard 1 week ago

post signs make people aware, if they choose to go in anyway,.......

by Sarah Jane 2 days ago

Yooo Taco turned me into a detective

by Mahi Cambio 7 months ago

This is some creepy scary stuff right here I would love to learn the real history behind this lake and town if anybody knows

by Easter Davis 2 days ago

Lake Lanier was a black town that the white folks wanted, I doubt it if they asked them nicely to leave so ... imagine what's under the lake, the energy of innocent lives that were destroyed.

by Joanna Mrs 7 months ago

The reporter looks like Lester Holt and Tim Meadows had a baby. Lol. Itโ€™s kinda cool.

by Native Sun 3 days ago

Why didn't they remove structures during the drought?

by Auggie 2 weeks ago

Taco got this coming on my recommendations

by Lo Lo 7 months ago

Old cars,homes ECT lots of things under Lanier.

by Timpriss Fort 2 weeks ago

If it is true that it was a peaceful well organized site to innocently provide water. The houses would not be under there, the racetrack nor the bodies of innocent people in their homes. I know there are people of the current times that can't believe people were so evil to others because of the color of their skin. Unfortunately, outside of denial there is video evidence as well as people who were actually alive during that time. That cannot be denied. They did it, and unfortunately many of the souls are not resting because of the shock they experienced crossing over. They are fighting for that land as we debate and they are pissed. Nobody deserves such treatment. The time to acknowledge such acts publicly has stepped up and the offspring of the evil are in shock. Just imagine how the offspring of the innocent feel. While you are privileged enough to be the offspring of the guilty and free. They are now finding out that evil comes at a price. There nothing free!

by Jade Rock Divine 1 day ago

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