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6LACK ft. Lil Baby - Know My Rights (Official Music Video)

6LACK - 6 PC Hot EP is out now: https://lvrn.lnk.to/6pcHot/
Directed by JMP ualreadyknowJMP
DP - Mike Koziel
Producer - Jiorgi Miller
1st AC - Bruna Valor
2nd AC - Leonard Nguyen
PA - Will Sitton
Edit - Chaz Smedley & JMP
Color - Mike Koziel & JMP
Cars- Pink Flamingo
Additional Footage - Cristian Bernal
Production Company - JMP VISUALS LLC
Follow 6LACK, https://www.instagram.com/6lack
#6LACK #KnowMyRights #6PCHOT #LVRN

6LACK photo 1 6LACK ft. Lil Baby -... 6LACK photo 2 6LACK ft. Lil Baby -... 6LACK photo 3 6LACK ft. Lil Baby -... 6LACK photo 4 6LACK ft. Lil Baby -...

Damn Lil baby was serious when he said hes in social distance...hes not even in the clip..

by dim dav 1 week ago

There are 3 certain things in life;
1. Tax
2. Death
3. Ft Lil Baby

by Sauce 1 week ago

i dont know ya'll.. these days 6LACK is killing it with his music!

by Jenna Brinkman 1 week ago

Lil baby ain’t missed ALL YEAR. He done leveled up something serious in 2020 bro taking over frfr🔥🔥🔥

by Austin S. 1 week ago

Lil Baby is everywhere.
Well, there's nothing wrong with that.

by Bille 2 weeks ago

Everybody talking about Lil Baby don’t get me wrong he hasn’t missed all year but 6lack went crazy good on this too his flow so fresh 🔥🔥

by Martin Vasquez 1 week ago

Everyone talking about Lil Baby when 6lack is the only person I came to see.

by Chris North 1 week ago

Whoever reads this know that God loves you and if you love God you need to know that God hates sin. Repent and obey Jesus, hell is real and being a good person doesn’t get you out of there. That may sound scary but know that because you are alive today God still has mercy on you and you can be saved, seek God and get to know him, cry out to him. He’s the only who can hear your prayers no one else can

by Daymirka Wong 1 week ago

Nothing’s More Legendary Then A Musician’s Voice Being In The Video But Not Them.

by Gehazel Muse 1 week ago

“Lil Baby ain’t missed all year.” Yeah except this music video

by Purple Heart Gunna 6 days ago

Lil baby ain't even in the video, but the comments already flooding with his name,🐐 already?!

by Davies Casey 1 week ago

Lil baby deserves an add for bieng the most featured artist

by jerry Arunga 1 week ago

6Lack is so confident that he doesn't stress when killing this hook

by osman said Kamara 1 week ago

Lil baby say it’s his turn but y’all sleep on my boy 6black... he open saying he the only rapper that don’t have groupies ... ❤️❤️ this guy !

by Miss DT 1 week ago

It's offical, 6LACK can simply do no wrong. Everything this man does I swear is always 💯 on point & guaranteed 🔥. A King Midas of Rap fr.

by BrenDen Polar 6 days ago

Broski cut his hair and straight transformed. Metamorphosis.

by Kahokian 1 day ago

O Flow dessa música é viciante, não tem como parar de ouvir

by Alu Rasta santos 2 days ago

6lack, his voice, you can’t even describe the vibes 🙌

by Ma Bel 1 week ago

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