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New ‘Batwoman' Is Javicia Leslie, ‘God Friended Me’ Star

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There's a new Batwoman in Gotham! Javicia Leslie has landed the title role for Season 2 of The CW's superhero series, and original star Ruby Rose couldn't be happier. The former "God Friended Me" star spoke out on her historic casing in a statement, sharing gratitude and excitement for the chance to represent multiple levels of inclusivity on the show. Ruby, who announced her "Batwoman" departure in May, followed suit with a congratulatory message, applauding not only Javicia's casting but also her former colleagues.
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'Batwoman': Javicia Leslie Lands Title Role

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Access photo 1 New ‘Batwoman' Is Javicia Leslie,... Access photo 2 New ‘Batwoman' Is Javicia Leslie,... Access photo 3 New ‘Batwoman' Is Javicia Leslie,... Access photo 4 New ‘Batwoman' Is Javicia Leslie,...

The show would probably be better if they did "The Mystery of the Batwoman" where it was 3 different women of color that portrayed Batwoman like in the animated movie that's under the same name.

by Beyond Human 2 months ago

access or batwoman, who's the bigger joke?

by chad windham 2 months ago

Plz PLEASE! Get with the program!!
Batwomen is clearly should be play by a female bat!!
I demand you cast a lesbian female bat for batwomen!!

by TheOnionite 2 months ago

Some of y’all really mad that the new bat women is black and beautiful 😂

by Kevenie Louissaint 2 months ago

Great job making the first black Batwoman a homeless drug-runner who stole the suit. So stunning and brave.

by locomojoboy2 2 months ago

You should just try making it a lesbian porno at this stage. You will at least get more viewers!

by Trump GodKing 2 months ago

Inclusivity? Change the record. Next year batwoman will be a gay muslim woman just to make sure all the bases are checked. This is so stupid

by Stinky Nuts aka Lamarcus 2 months ago

Find a way to make this work and I'll give it my attention. But honestly, I don't really care.

by The Beast 2 months ago

Well, I know some of us are like me disappointed that the character Ryan Wilder has become the new Batwoman. But I think I have an idea that should satisfy everyone! Here! Despite the 2019-2020 Crisis Infinite Earth crossover. There is always more or less a multiverse.

Example: On the famous Terre 2, there is Solomon Grundy, so that means that there is a vigilante Bat like Kathy Kane the Batwoman of this world there! After all Green Arrow / Oliver Queen come back. Why not her?

On Earth 9 of the Titan. It looks like there might be Barbara Gordon. One of the most famous Batgirls is going to arrive either as Batgirl or as Oracle. I wonder if it will be possible to make in the various scenarios of the Arrowverse a kind of degraded Bat justiciar.

So that the Fans can make their decision. Between Kathy Kane (Batwoman Earth 2), Helena Bertinelli (huntress / Batgirl), Cassandra Wayne-Cain (from Earth 9) or Tiffany Fox (Batgirl ). In order to determine the fate of the Batwoman series and find out which character they want.

Or else make a side series like Batwoman and Batwing or Batwoman and the heroes of the nights


I still think they should have just recast the Kate Kane character. Unless the new Batwoman is secretly related to the Kane family then all of those personal connections they spent so much time on in season 1 are a waste.

Alice is now just another crazy Gotham villain, Jacob is just an asshole leader-type, Sophie is just his second in command, Mary is just some random rich kid, etc. Luke is the only one who carries over well. Maybe they'll phase out most of the original supporting cast and bring in a new set.

by Andy H 2 months ago

Double tokenization with cheese...you want fries with that?!

by James Hopkins 2 months ago

So where does Kate kane vanish of to? Does she just nope out? Does he get killed off off screen?

by jeeri stueo 2 months ago

I can fix batwoman. Fire EVERYONE invovled in creative with season 1. Hire writers and producers that want to make a well written, plot driven show that doesn't follow woke political narrative.
After watching video. The new main character already said she is a woman of colour and bi-sexual. Batwoman season 2 is already a failure.

by Kenny Olivier 2 months ago

I am one of those who thinks it would be better to introduce another character from the Batman comic family.

A character with a familiar connection to Luke Fox.

Like Tiffany Fox, who is Luke Fox's sister, because the production has already chosen the actress (who is very beautiful).

In addition, it would be more consistent for her to arrive as an apprentice heroine (source Batgirl 2014) And for her to become the new Batwoman.

For me, it is not catastrophic. You just need the introduction of the actress to be more consistent. That he is a link to the other characters in the series.

With the character of Tiffany Fox, who is very underdeveloped. The production will give new life to the series and a logical continuity with the Fox family.

Because in my opinion, only the fans will save the series.

Besides, I have an idea for a synopsis. Tell me what you think of it:

8 months have passed since, the last fight of Kate Kane, better known as Batwoman. Who mysteriously disappeared.

Luke Fox and Julia Pennyworth. There is desperately looking for.

Luke discovers that his sister Tiffany arrives in town to see his brother again. And that the latter is passionate about Batwoman and her mysterious disappearance.

But very quickly, they learn, that since a few nights. A vigilante, with a Batgirl outfit in town. The 2 friends of Batwoman, think that it is initially their friends disappeared for months.

But quickly discovers that behind this Batgirl hides Luke's sister. Tiffany who plays the Bat vigilante.

Luke must choose whether to let his sister become the next Batwoman or to have her return to civilian life ...


should have kept kate kane as batwoman

by Maxwell H. 2 months ago

Oh I was kinda hoping for Kristen Stewart to get the role and I also wanted Mary Elizabeth Winstead until I found out she already played huntress on birds of prey

by Ella Myers 2 months ago

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