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R.I.P Lake Piru

Alex Romo photo 1 R.I.P Lake Piru Alex Romo photo 2 R.I.P Lake Piru Alex Romo photo 3 R.I.P Lake Piru Alex Romo photo 4 R.I.P Lake Piru

This lake may be haunted, this lake took so many lives

by Bali B 4 days ago


by Jheny Luz 1 weeks ago

Why are people disliking my video? I don't get it.. I uploaded this in 2017...

by Alex Romo 4 days ago

Let’s be honest. You’d searched this up 🥺🥺🥺

by Crystal Carter 6 days ago

they said u can swim in it but u might get clobbered by a boat or hit one of the big rocks by the shore.... of course if u dont mind getting real smelly and muddy u can can swim in the marsh peee yuuuu

by Alicia Mistressoftheundead 9 months ago

Water levels increased in lake pirue as of talking in late 2017 and early 2018 including the time now, we gained much water back after the storms that took place a couple months back.

by Richard Herrera 2 years ago

What was this area before it was a lake? They said there's grown trees at the bottom that don't even reach the surface. Anyone know how deep it is?

by 1 w 4 days ago

Watching after hearing the final true allegations on the death of Naya Rivera. Rip beautiful, even tho I never was a fan this is truly sad. You had a family and all. Even if you didn’t, still didn’t deserve this. Rest up 🖤🖤🖤🖤

by Brooklyn Marie 3 days ago

Looks beautiful... I'd still never swim in a lake esp without a life jacket on at least. ah well celebs will do what they please with their life without a care in the world they will do it anyway, stunning footage tho!!

by AUTUMNVIBES 2 days ago

I remember swimming in the lake back in the 1970's and the Lake was pretty deep and clean, not too murky. I remember visiting that little store next to the campgrounds. Really cool back then for an 9 year old. Anyone remember the outhouses with deep pits dug under the toilets?

by Dan Mackey 1 years ago

It filled to the brim this last winter, but they drained it to give water to the farms below.

by Colin Richey 7 months ago

Lo raro es que allí hay mucha gente y no.había nadie cuando Naya y su hijo estaban allí... hay algo raro...

by shirito shiro 1 days ago

Nice video. The water looks kind of rough starting at into the video. Explains a lot sadly. RIP Naya Rivera.

by M S 2 days ago

Lake piru isn't really a place to swim in the water level has been low in recent years due to the drought

by Emerio Manzano 1 years ago

This lake is so scary after what happened...

by Alita de Pollo 6 days ago

Enjoyed your video. Loved the Squirrel at the end.

by Dawgs241 2 days ago

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