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DIY Challenge: Tie Dye!! *roommate wars

#diy tie dye #pranking #prank #diy #Howto & Style
ayo roommate wars is back! we did a tie dye diy challenge and it ended up with us pranking ashley and it was an epic prank haha which team do YOU think won!! xo -alisha marie
Vlog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKFal2Glpyw&t=54s
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Tie Dye Kit: (affiliate link)

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#alishamarie #dye #wars #roommate #pranked #roommate wars #funny #Alisha Marie #alisha #challenge #tie #diy challenge #tie dye

AlishaMarie photo 1 DIY Challenge: Tie Dye!! ... AlishaMarie photo 2 DIY Challenge: Tie Dye!! ... AlishaMarie photo 3 DIY Challenge: Tie Dye!! ... AlishaMarie photo 4 DIY Challenge: Tie Dye!! ...

I think it’s so funny that everyone calls alisha “alisha Marie”

by thea h. 4 months ago

i love how alishas merch is "so extra" and her podcast is "pretty basic"

by Lollipop Loo 4 months ago

Ashley’s actual hoodie looks BOMBBBB i would buy that lol

by Tianna G 4 months ago

"I became best friends with this girl Ashley and then she forced me to be friends with her sister..jk I like her better" 🤣🤣🤣

by Izzy Grace 3 months ago

No one:
Not one soul:
Not even the sleep paralysis demon underneath my bed:
TK and Ashley: ALISHA. MARIE.

by A H 4 months ago

When she played the music that she used to in her old roommate wars videos I screamed

by Roxy Photenhauer 4 months ago

I love that they facetimed lourdiy😂

by Violet Grace 4 months ago


by Victoria Perez 4 months ago

Alisha: lives together with her sister
Me: Oh that sure is a huge house
Alisha: Two new roommates!
Me: spits tea IS THAT A CASTLE

by Nade Nedeva 4 months ago

am i the only one who thought that alisha was realizing tie dye mercy when she posted the instagram story? ps even though they did you dirty ash i loved yourssss😍

by Barbs 4 months ago

I am seeing everyone tie dye their clothes and I want to do it but I’m so lazy hahaha

by Sam Elle 4 months ago

when i heard the background music i was like 2019/18 summer vibes with alisha and all the prank wars and high school expectations vs reality btw luv you alisha🦋🥺💖

by Tobi Akinsanya 4 months ago

Ngl I thought they were merch samples and I was like ‘idk I can’t see where it even says so extra’ 😂

by Avery G 4 months ago

Alisha: “It’s Taryn not *Karen*”
Oscar of the year goes to Alisha!

by Nicole Chan 1 months ago

No one:
Not a single soul:
Me: *literally breaks laptop clicking furiously*

by Lily Anderson 4 months ago

“Aquamarine, good movie, honestly should have one an Oscar” hahahahaha omg 🤣😂

by Emily Burton 4 months ago

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