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SWITCHING ROOMS with my Roommates for 24 Hours Challenge!! *this was hilarious!!

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Thanks to Epic Games for sponsoring! Download houseparty here: https://pixly.go2cloud.org/SH1mj So i'm telling my roommates that we're all doing a challenge and switching rooms for 24 hours!! This challenge was so fun! If you lived with us, who's room would you want? xo -Alisha Marie
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AlishaMarie photo 1 SWITCHING ROOMS with my Roommates... AlishaMarie photo 2 SWITCHING ROOMS with my Roommates... AlishaMarie photo 3 SWITCHING ROOMS with my Roommates... AlishaMarie photo 4 SWITCHING ROOMS with my Roommates...

What other challenges do you want us roommates to do?! Also, don't forget to download Houseparty here: <33

by AlishaMarie 3 months ago

All of you guys should do a huge sleepover in alisha’s room but plot twist no one can leave the room for 24 hrs😂💕

by Abigail Hendy 3 months ago

Funny AF. I love how each person was acting as the owner of the room.

by N. Miller 3 months ago

My favourite part:
Taryn livin' the dream in Alisha's room with her galaxy projector and neon lights
cuts to Alisha slowly inflating the air mattress

by Kiara I 3 months ago

How does alisha not have a boyfriend yet, she’s so pretty and nice. I don’t get it

by Cassidy Barden 3 months ago

Alisha's room is like a resort. TK's room is like going camping hahah

by Chiara Vitale 3 months ago

i feel like a lot of us would want to stay in alisha’s room 😂

by téa venice 3 months ago

Alisha doing TikTok dances while brushing her teeth is literally the most relatable things ever 😂😂

by Cherry7upp 3 months ago

Who else thinks that Alisha should do more vids with TK and Taryne?

by Kevin O Connor 3 months ago

TK: “I went for a boho, GRANOLA, one with nature vibe”😂😂😂

by Priscella Shek 3 months ago

Who doesn’t even read the title just sees Alisha Marie and clicks

by e l l e n 3 months ago

Taryne is literally
so funny and her room is sooo cute

by Kate Haldeman 3 months ago

“Hopefully I don’t kill her plants “ 😂

by Elina Li 3 months ago

Living with 3 roommates like this seems so fun. Who agrees

by Taylor C Mahle 2 months ago

Just the fact that TK called the salt lamp a “rock lamp” made me laugh so hard.

by Macalyne W 3 months ago

No one:
Houseparty: literally sponsoring every YouTuber on the planet

by Claire Allen 3 months ago

imagine being close enough to do this without your friends killing you... can't relate

by ʀᴀᴄʜᴇʟ ᴊ ʟɪ 3 months ago

I feel like TK should just move in permanently and y'all should all just pitch in on the house payment

by Misty Rodriguez 3 months ago

The second hand stress watching them go through each other’s things
I would be terrified lmao

by Sheriff _0 3 months ago

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