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cleaning out the entire house / mailroom + new dining table!!!

#new furniture #alisha #cleaning #deep cleaning #Howto & Style
finally cleaning out the entire mail room and made it a gym? we also got a new dining table and i love it omg!! sorry this vlog is all over the place! xo -Alisha.
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#mailroom #shopping #organizing #haul #dining table #declutter #Alisha Marie #AlishaMarieVlogs #decluttering #deep clean #the entire house

AlishaMarieVlogs photo 1 cleaning out the entire house... AlishaMarieVlogs photo 2 cleaning out the entire house... AlishaMarieVlogs photo 3 cleaning out the entire house... AlishaMarieVlogs photo 4 cleaning out the entire house...

Taryn's commentary about her dog being sick KILLED ME! Taryn if you see this I'm sure you're an AMAZING roomie :)

by Kesha McInnes 3 weeks ago

Alisha: Posts
Notification people: We have been summoned

by Daria S. 3 weeks ago

Who else wishes you had roommates like alisha’s

by Abby Sooley 3 weeks ago

Alisha and TK and literally the perfect sibling duo without being siblings

by Amy 3 weeks ago

Alisha has totally inspired me in so many ways.

by Maya Sprosts 3 weeks ago

People who look through the comments!!!

Ur pretty, sweet, and amazing just the way you are and remember no one can change that and have a amazing day!!!

by Giselle Millsap 3 weeks ago

My mom: Go clean your room
Me: I’ll get around to it
two weeks later
Me: sees that Alisha posted a vid about her cleaning
Also me: Hey Mom I think I’m gonna go clean my room

by Madison Gilley 3 weeks ago

alisha’s vlogs give off the best vibes and that’s not up for discussion!!

by alexis 3 weeks ago

Ok but Alisha’s quarantine content is on point

by Grace Campbell 3 weeks ago

No one:

Alisha is wearing black and not white who is she

Thanks for all the likes

by Quinn Simmonds 3 weeks ago

for ppl who have played sports
alisha: “LADIES ... i’m trying to vlog”
triggers me when coaches use to say LADIES get it together

idk just me maybe it’s stupid

by Alexia Cifuentes 3 weeks ago

Alisha: cleaning and being productive

Me: 👁👄👁
starts cleaning room whilst watching


by zoedc 3 weeks ago

Who else is so here for the cleaning content?! thank you alisha for always inspiring small channels like us 🥺

by simone and celeste 3 weeks ago

LMAO THE INTRO "i have no idea" - me. omg

by Aiden Watson 3 weeks ago

I was just about to go to bed and then this notification came through… so long to that plan 😂

by Maya Kathryn 3 weeks ago

"I dont know"
Los Angeles
-alisha marie quarantine day 127

by trinity sky 3 weeks ago

Terran “ kinda convenient tho” HAHA

by anderson monk 3 weeks ago

I love how our fav sorority girls are being so responsible and productive during this quarantine.

by mónicalosi 3 weeks ago

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