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Hi babes!! Welcome back to our channel! Ehlani finally meets her nina Alo!! She also gave her a nice warm welcome lolol.. we hope you guys enjoy this bideo! We love you guys so so much!!.
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Alondra & Elsy photo 1 ALONDRA MEETS BABY E!! SO... Alondra & Elsy photo 2 ALONDRA MEETS BABY E!! SO... Alondra & Elsy photo 3 ALONDRA MEETS BABY E!! SO... Alondra & Elsy photo 4 ALONDRA MEETS BABY E!! SO...

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by AttaiGamer 2 weeks ago

So is no one gon talk about the big ass shoes on her 😭😭😭😭

by heidi h 2 weeks ago

Pobrecita. The shoes seem to be heavy for her. She is so adorable.

by Yoselin Cruz 2 weeks ago

If Elsy doesn’t stop smacking on her damn gum😭😭

by Destiny Ariana 2 weeks ago

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by msdogooder 2 weeks ago

That baby recognizes her voice!! The way she’s looking at her. Crazy how babies do hear people while in the belly

by Linda 2 weeks ago

Why on earth is this baby wearing shoes lol take those heavy shoes off that baby.

by herrera51123 2 weeks ago

You have to burp her after she eats so she won’t throw up like that 😊

by Jennifer Rocha 2 weeks ago

After she throws up.. “at least she got to use the bib” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I cant!💀💀💀❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

by jameia 2 days ago

Alondra: “there’s no lechita in here just plastic”

Ehlani: (well here you go a little bit of milk for you madrina)


by Naishaliz Maldonado 2 weeks ago

Alo: “there’s no lechita for you just plastic”
Elsy: “she gets both with me”
I laughed so hard🤦🏻‍♀️😭😂

by Maria Valenzuela 2 weeks ago

Me when that one madrina shows up after 17 years asking me if i remember when she held me that ONE time, and i was just a newborn 💀

by gtoss chddy 1 week ago

When alondra said" u know who can be her boyfriend... Les do make up baby g" 😅

by Nana Love 1 week ago

Alo said “I didn’t know it squirts” 😂🤣 after ehlani spits up

by Bianca De Luna 2 weeks ago

I’m dead “she has my dimples”
Elsy: “watch her be yours” 😂😂

by Hannah Stephens 2 weeks ago

“There’s no lechita in here for you, only plastic”😂😂

by Alondra Murguia 2 weeks ago

Alo: “Let me find out you’re my baby dudee”
🤣 el let me find out no podía faltar lmao $acardenas00

by Aide C 2 weeks ago

When Elsys gum smacking is louder than her voice 😳

by A M 1 week ago

Alondra “I didn’t know it came out like that” lol! Don’t wear white when you babysit! Lol! So cute Elsy named her Ehlani almost like her madrina. Congratulations!

by Suzanne Fallin 1 week ago

She’s beautiful
BUT!!!! Please don’t put shoes on a baby it’s so bad for their feet and too heavy for their legs

by Laurie Bowen 1 week ago

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