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AlondraDessy photo 1 FINDING OUT I'M PREGNANT AlondraDessy photo 2 FINDING OUT I'M PREGNANT AlondraDessy photo 3 FINDING OUT I'M PREGNANT AlondraDessy photo 4 FINDING OUT I'M PREGNANT

Stay tuned for bennys reaction 🥺❤️❤️

by AlondraDessy 1 week ago


by Elsy Guevara 1 week ago

im dead evelyn is all posing and alondra is like in shockk

by Queen Club 6 days ago

Na baby you weren’t infertile. God said it wasn’t the right man or the right time. Look at you now 😭😭

by Alexus Castillo 5 days ago

yay mama!! Welcome to motherhood 😆✨

by LOVE KITO 5 days ago

omg I’m so happy for you I’m not crying 😭

by The Main Family 6 days ago

Damn those pregnancy tests didn’t even give her a chance to breathe lol they said bitch you pregnant 🤰🏽

by Tianna Castro 1 week ago

And this is the definition of “don’t let your boyfriend stop you from meeting your husband”

Congrats ❤️

by Haydee Rosendo 6 days ago

The fact that she wanted to check if she was pregnant bc she knew she was possibly going to drink alcohol and didnt want to hurt the baby omgggg

by Victoria Guillen 6 days ago

After that ovarian cyst was removed , her ovaries were like ‘HOLD MY BEER’

by Nonnie Avi 5 days ago

When her sister said “Am I gonna be an auntie or an uncle?” I DIEDDDDD

by nijuo joing 3 days ago

“Why do they make it so hard to open a pregnancy test?”

by RetroMax 6 1 day ago

"don't cry"
"okay 😭🥺🥺"
like a mom telling a kid not to try after a whooping okkk cries with heavy breathes 😂😂

by Breann Gonzalez 3 days ago

“And bennys not here” I was about to say how did— lol

by Daisitaa Guzman 5 days ago

You’re going to be an amazing mommy💘 dont ever doubt yourself!! We love you guys❤️

by Us Always 1 week ago

God knew your ex wasn’t meant to be the father of your child, that is why He brought Benny into your life and blessed you with a little baby. Congratulations girl

by Dog Mom of 5 3 days ago

“this better not be a prank” talking to the pregnancy test 🤣🤣

by kayla ibarra 3 days ago

Yall should name the baby with a letter "C" so yall can make a YT channel called "A.B.C Family" or something lol love yall ♡

by B wiz 3 days ago

I believe it’s not that you couldn’t have kids i think it’s more like it wasn’t meant to be with your last relationship, you got blessed w a good healthy relationship and now it’s meant to be so god blessed you with a little blessing🥺😍 I’m so happy for you Alo!

by betzabeth ramirez 6 days ago

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