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AMAZING TRANSFORMATION | What A Wonderful Feeling - His First Haircut After Years

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Hi guys, I'm Anil Cakmak ur Asmr Barber. This is Amazing Transformation, What A Wonderful Feeling - His First Haircut After Years ...
There are so many things to say but i can't choose the words. I will try to stay relax and calm.
In the video you will watch Hayri our homeless friend from our neighborhood. Sometimes he comes and asks for tea and coffee and not even for money or meal. just a cup of tea/coffee.
Recently i thought to make a transformation out of him. I asked and explained my idea about a transformation, haircut, barber treatment and new clothes but he rejected my offer. Suddenly the day after he came and seemed for me he was ok for it. I asked again and he was ok :)
As i explained in the video one of the most important feeling and emotion are a touch on a heart. I hope i could touched hayri's heart. It was a wonderful feeling.
You will watch in the video it was his first haircut after years. I won't explain how bad the situation hor his head and hair was. It was a difficult moment for me.
This is the Transformation video number 1. There will be 2 more videos. One of these will be a shopping vlog with hayri and the one will be an asmr massage video ... stay tuned
Thanks my friends from the Channel ASMR Ist ( Alley, Enes, Arron ) it was possible for you guys this video to watch .. Thanks guys
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ASMR Anil Çakmak photo 1 AMAZING TRANSFORMATION | What A... ASMR Anil Çakmak photo 2 AMAZING TRANSFORMATION | What A... ASMR Anil Çakmak photo 3 AMAZING TRANSFORMATION | What A... ASMR Anil Çakmak photo 4 AMAZING TRANSFORMATION | What A...


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by ASMR Anil Çakmak 7 months ago

I was homeless once and a man and his wife took me in and bought me new blue jeans and shirts provide me a place to sleep and told me I could stay with them on one condition after a week I had to go job hunting no less then putting in 3 apps a day and if I got a interview they would make sure I could make it to the interview and if i was hired would make sure I had a ride. after two weeks I did find a job and after 3 months I had my own place to live. I stayed in contact with them on a monthly bases after 2 years I reached supervisor position making 2k a week I went back and repaid them 10 fold they refused of course but I still found ways to pay them back. Some times when your down all you need is a helping hand. Awesome video..

by TheIceblade711 7 months ago

The pain in his eyes is still there. Bless him.

by Marie M 2 weeks ago

If I ever go to Istanbul. I know where I’m going for a haircut, I’ll pay whatever it cost. But mainly to just meet this awesome guy Anil. You sir are a class act with a heart of gold.

by Steven DeAvila 6 days ago

I can’t imagine who would actually dislike a video like this the man is helping someone in poor conditions and people still dislike i honestly feel embarrassed for them

by Carlos Morales 1 month ago

He is such a grateful man... he said “sorry for my hair”

by B O B Aシ 2 months ago

When he said "I am sorry for my hair" to the barber my heart sank .... im so happy for his transformation

by malipi96 2 weeks ago

That barber really knows his craft.

by Mel Frank 1 month ago

adamsin sen kardeşim, ALLAH ne muradin varsa versin.

by simsek751 3 weeks ago

Why can’t the world be like this 😔

by Zhane Hassan 6 days ago

Anil's smile when he says "There he is!" The smile that makes everyone smile

by Lone 1 month ago

This city is so clean. No trash thrown about. I wish London were like that. So much litter here.

by roomiller 2 days ago

This guy is a God send for what he's done for this guy.

by Melissa 2 weeks ago

He holds an immense sadness in his eyes and it seems heaps of wealth in this world cannot console him.

by Nazeerah Sheik Abbass 3 weeks ago

Fun fact: you didn’t search for this.

by Amy 7 months ago

Soy mexicano y lo que hace esta persona me agrada mucho que dios lo bendiga siempre 💞

by jose morales 2 days ago

My god, this man is an artist, and the way he moves while he works there is a rhythm to it and his arms move like a dancer

by Whats In A Name 2 weeks ago

Where is Mr. Hayri now? Is he off the streets now? I can’t bear the sadness of another being, especially humans. It brings me to my knees. Is there a GoFundMe page? Is he in a job now? So heartbreaking to watch those sad and tired eyes.

by Norah Eli 1 month ago

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