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Jamal Crawford Has The SICKEST Handles In The World! OFFICIAL Mixtape!

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This summer we got the pleasure of watching one of the illest players to grace the basketball court, the man who has shattered the NBA's record for most 4 point plays and 1 of 3 players in NBA history to score 50+ points with 3 different teams. We present you the OFFICIAL Jamal Crawford mixtape! Special thanks to Jamal Crawford, Rashad Powell, Jerome Johnson, the entire staff of the Jamal Crawford Pro Am and Hoopsmack!
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J Crawford has the best handles in the league.

by тσммყ 6 years ago


by TrickZzZ 3 years ago

 and had to be some of the nastiest moments of basketball I've seen in a while lol, damn.

by Josh Klenner 6 years ago

One of Seattle's finest right here. This dude is a beast 

by Jared Banks 6 years ago

To this day I'm still wondering WHY DID ATLANTA GET RID OF HIM......

by dredae76 6 years ago

he's an amazing player and he could be one of the best in the league but hes a freakin 6th man... boi he should be starter over redick seriously. it stops him from reaching his full potential

by yogi 5 years ago

Dont you just LOVE his playing style?

by Peter Nguyen 6 years ago

If ya'll are wondering why Jamal gets bounced around from team to team the answer is pretty simple, he's a great scorer but he's a terrible defender. 

by IM_ROBBY 6 years ago

finally i found the background music the name of music is better to have love by juan gambino

by migos king 3 years ago

@ That delayed hesitation on the between the legs crossover is what set up that disgusting move. Why does Jamal have to be so filthy?

Greetings from the U.K.!

by Unlicensed Professional Opinion 6 years ago

One of the most beautiful and gifted players I've seen in watching 40 years of basketball . . . hope he gets on a good team this winter 'cause I miss watching Jamal do what he does so well and a playoff run would be extra special . . .

by Stephen Newton 6 months ago

Jamal Crawford is still on the bench? This guy is unbelivable. He already has that behind the back/wrap-around move as his signature. 

by Uwot Matte 5 years ago

crazy handles by far the best in the NBA the dude is NASTY!!!

by cole cross 6 years ago

I want to see him in ALL STAR GAME COME ON

by TheVenata93 6 years ago

Haters... Kyrie cant shoot or dribble like jamal cant. Jamal is the most underrated player in nba history.

by Prithvi Balaji 6 years ago

Yes he has great handles, but his footwork is what makes his moves so effective, in my opinion.

by Lucas Tavares 5 years ago

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