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Jamal Crawford vs HIS SON Eric Crawford!! When You Gotta Guard Your Dad But He's J Crossover

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Jamal Crawford went up against his son, Eric Crawford, yesterday at the Crawsover Pro Am. This was easily one of the coolest moments we've ever caught on camera and of course want to share it with all of you!
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Ballislife photo 1 Jamal Crawford vs HIS SON... Ballislife photo 2 Jamal Crawford vs HIS SON... Ballislife photo 3 Jamal Crawford vs HIS SON... Ballislife photo 4 Jamal Crawford vs HIS SON...

Ayo who here is about to hop on that Destiny 2 beta though? Who wants that work from Ballislife? (Xbox only, you PS4 players lucked out)

by Ballislife 3 years ago

Jamal Crawford must be immortal or sum, cuz his son looks older than he does.

by Q 3 years ago

If you're looking in the comment section God Bless and have a great day


Am I the only one that didnt know he had a son

by Korey M. 3 years ago

isn't this child abuse

by Raygun34 3 years ago

When your dad looks younger than you...

by Trill Troy 3 years ago

Plot twist: Jamal is the son.

by LOE-i 3 years ago

You know your old when your playing against your son

by Kobe Macc 3 years ago

The day Jamal Crawford dies is the day he retires. His game really doesn't age

by Marlon Ndoro 3 years ago

You never really appreciate true NBA talent until you see them in pick up games

by Julian Pettis 3 years ago

talk about a passing clinic... Jamal found every passing lane known to man

by Ginika Okocha 3 years ago

Is that his real son, or did J Cross make him his son during the game

by Bry Zer 3 years ago

It must sucks, every kid dreams of beating their old man in a game of basketball as they get older, might not happen for this young fella.

by Derrick A 10 months ago

When you get your dads defense but he's only known for his offense

by Wesbestt 3 years ago

I don't even think Crawford sweats during these games. So effortless and easy.

by Ry TwoTimes 3 years ago

must be very awkward to know he cant guard his own dad loll

by Brendon P. 3 years ago

J Crawfords court vision is un-real...

by 93 Renegade 3 years ago

This was honestly one of the coolest moments we've ever caught on camera. Glad we can share it with y'all!

by Ballislife 3 years ago

Jamal Crawford cooked his son

by BB3 ENT 3 years ago

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