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*ONE IN A MILLION* FISHING CHANCE!! - Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments! #1048

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In today's Fortnite video, we have put together some of the funniest fails, WTF moments, and insane clips from Season 4! New secrets, dances, challenges, Marvel, Venom, Black Panther, new POIs, new locations, new skins, new season! Can we smash 30,000 likes for Episode 1049 Tomorrow?.
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BCC Gaming photo 1 *ONE IN A MILLION* FISHING... BCC Gaming photo 2 *ONE IN A MILLION* FISHING... BCC Gaming photo 3 *ONE IN A MILLION* FISHING... BCC Gaming photo 4 *ONE IN A MILLION* FISHING...

is what you came for!
Use code BCC in the item shop! 😁

by highlightssoon 2 months ago

is not what you came for
Use code "CODE" for nothing

by RedFoam Gaming 2 months ago

POV: You only clicked for the thumbnail and title so you went to the comments to check the pinned comment

by fonikal 2 months ago

"The odds of this fishing are incredibly low"
Laughs in 100cm both vendetta and midas flopper

by kirbwi 2 months ago

I love the kids reaction when he gets the midas flopper too.

by Moji Moji 2 months ago

"It's a vendetta flopber." "Oh oh oh it's a Midas flobpper!!! " So weird

by luna is a qt 2 months ago

hey I’m in here he was in the heli the whole game

by Styles283 2 months ago

Respect the kid that caught the Midas flopper it’s just how he talks

by Deeg S. 2 months ago

isn’t what you came for use code flea to double ur edit speeds

by Nova 2 months ago

I was spectating him when he did that! He actually got us the win!

by BranAdamMNG 2 months ago

No joke the exact same thing happened with me apart from I wasn’t recording when I caught Midas fish and vendetta flopper in a row first try. 😭

by Bretty_No5 2 months ago

is what you’re looking for.
Use Code BCC in the item shop and stay safe.🙏😄

by iShaitaan On 60fps 2 months ago

How is that a clip he hit the floor and still jumped of it thinking he wouldn't take fall damage

by melq 2 months ago

When u come early and don’t know what to type

by Nyanyakolz 2 months ago

My friend caught the vendetta flopper, and the Midas flopper as well, his channel is jowrules1.

by HINGED TRADER 2 months ago

legendary vids man editing next level

by FaZe Ish 2 months ago

I got the exact same clip with the two fish yesterday, woah.

by GameKnight225 YT 2 months ago

is what you came for
Use code "BCC" in the item shop ❤️
Stay Safe!! ❤️

by Piro Official 2 months ago

One time a caught all three legs in the same fishing spot lol!

by Mega On mixer 1 week ago

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