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Carl Weber's The Family Business is the Black Sopranos | The Family Business

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Meet the cast members who play some major players in the Duncan Family of BET’s The Family Business.
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BETNetworks photo 1 Carl Weber's The Family Business... BETNetworks photo 2 Carl Weber's The Family Business... BETNetworks photo 3 Carl Weber's The Family Business... BETNetworks photo 4 Carl Weber's The Family Business...

This should have been on HBO or Starz it wont last long on BET

by Albert Mahaffey 1 year ago

I random person scrolling😊hope you have a nice blessed day❤️🌷

by Whew 1 year ago

Why give this video that title when some of these actor weren’t given a the sopranos script or budget

by IAMBlakButtafli. 1 year ago

I believe the book is better they didn't put money into this at all

by Monroe Monroe 1 year ago

I hate when our work is called the version of this or that, it makes us seem second rate

by Mickey Black 1 year ago

These guys had the resources... But I feel like the directing and some of the editing was really poor🤧...got bored on the first episode

by Edson Mike 1 year ago

Not on BET it isn't, you know they can't show, say or do certain things with it being on BET & probably don't have the budget of HBO

by Dragonzord85 1 year ago

how bout BET not describe a show on its own network like that...... like damn, viacom gives y'all zero bucks for advertising.

by Readmore Books 1 year ago

What can I say ... predictable, “empire” knock off ( neither of which I like) ... Boring...

Don’t get me wrong, the actors/actresses are great...however the storyline is not original n is too predictable..

by Rushelle Bernard 1 year ago

I love Carl Weber, but Paris is cast wrong, and it needs a more serious tone as Power has for it to have staying power

by The 1st Lady of Love 1 year ago

I see ppl hating but I watched the first 4 episodes and can't wait to see more?what day does it come on?

by ant LiveYaBish 1 year ago

If you do or didn't like the show, you should check out the books. They were great!

by Lauren L 1 year ago

Is there a second season and why did y’all end of the first season like that I love this family business and the women in the family is fire give me more please please y’all seasons needs to be longer than just 8 episodes

by Sexyleo Mama 4 months ago

This is the trap/dark ver. of Greenleaf 🤣

by Dee jinn woo 1 year ago

Ooooooooh, all the kids are named after cities!!!

by MeToo84 9 months ago

The very 1st book I got was family business Volume 2. It did not disappoint at all.

by Evan Looney 1 year ago

When a trailer turn you off from watching a show you know it's bad.

by FyreLeo MH 1 year ago

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