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13 Mythical Sea Creatures

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There are many dangerous sea monsters whose existence has not been proven. Sailors' historical accounts show gigantic creatures swallowing whole ships that are hostile to all humans in the water.
Here are 12 of these mythical creatures that many sailors or regular people believed in, and in which some people believe even today.
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my barber : "what do you want?"
me : "just take some off the top"
barber : you got it

by Peter Sierra 6 months ago

Remember, 80 percent of animals haven't been discovered yet. So these may be true

by Memus 1 month ago

title: the scariest creatures in the sea

by AlbertPlayz 7 months ago

when mom check my browser history.

by idiotgamer 8 months ago

Whatโ€™s scary is, nobody actually knows if these are real.

by Turtle 3 months ago

immediately I was just like "the Simpson's"

by trap city94 8 months ago

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Sis:what u watching?
Me:u wonโ€™t want to see it

by Abigail Cruz 4 months ago

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by Rakha Abhyasa 8 months ago



These pronunciations man. They hurt. Though Jรถrmangundr I can't be mad about cause it's weird but Leviathan is pretty easy man.

by Sake Rift 1 day ago

Iโ€™m littarly dying

by hyper Z 8 months ago

The scary thing is that these things could exist we might never know though

by Dont Care 2 months ago

Thanos: I'm going to end humanity
Cthulhu: That was my idea

by starsplitter38 8 months ago

never knew teenage mutant ninja turtles were real

by Kim Sawatdee 7 months ago

Me:tells my sister about the mythical horse. Sister:NOPE changing plans

by Brookes Booth 6 months ago

this reminds me of the horse monster in undertale, Aaron

by Shannon Vassallo 7 months ago

when my little brother blames me for something he did

by Six 8 months ago

he got that principal haircut ๐Ÿ’‡โ€โ™‚๏ธ

by Janiya Tyler 7 months ago

That's the Lagiacrus, a monster from the Monster Hunter games lmao

by Tim Crocker 5 months ago

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