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McEnany: When Rep. Ilhan Omar Calls Cops 'Cancer,' What Do You Think that Leads To?

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"Let's stop vilifying our officers, let's recognize injustice where we see it, but recognize all of us in here are safe because of our police officers doing their jobs everyday," said Press Sec. Kayleigh McEnany during a press conference Wednesday, commenting on the Left’s vilification of law enforcement officers.

Breitbart News photo 1 McEnany: When Rep. Ilhan Omar... Breitbart News photo 2 McEnany: When Rep. Ilhan Omar... Breitbart News photo 3 McEnany: When Rep. Ilhan Omar... Breitbart News photo 4 McEnany: When Rep. Ilhan Omar...

“Slam the Media”, hosted by press sec McEnany is currently my favourite show on TV.

by torus mayhem 4 months ago

Ilham Omar wants to turn this country into SOMALIA.

by RUDYARD MAGPIE 4 months ago

Muslim Brotherhood was kicked out of Egypt but not America.

by mary shaffer 4 months ago

I'm really getting sick of the "people of color" description of people.

by I Em Hoo I Iz 4 months ago

Actually, not what the protest is about. The media is part of the problem... Marxist.

by Bigdawg 1 4 months ago

🤔 Does the press corp have anybody who isn't an embarrassing dufus?

by Charles Hull 4 months ago

The last President put these people in power positions for this very reason, all he did during his time in office was, work to destroy America

by James Hewitt 4 months ago

If Ilhan Omar wants to live in a place with no police then why did she commit immigration fraud to come to America? Shall we grant her wish and send her back to Somalia?

by Operation Mindcrime 4 months ago

Why isn't anyone acknowledging that the places with the worst reported police brutality are all Democrat run strongholds?

by Tatsusama 4 months ago

Get rid of the MSM. 80% of the nation's problems would disappear. Fake news!!!!

by I'm with Puddin' 4 months ago

"A lot of people are concerned" she should have started by saying that numbers do not support those "concerns". You are more likely to be killed by police if you are white.

by Borys 4 months ago

If trump called cancer “cancer” the msm would be on him for being divisive

MSM is evil.

by T C L 4 months ago

Who are the 21 idiots who disliked this video? Her response was SPOT ON!

by aquarius3276 4 months ago

AOC calls cops "cancer" and several months ago, she, Tlaib and Omar were cheering on Antifa after they attacked an ICE facility. Is that a big enough clue for you that the Democrats are the ones funding Antifa, and no doubt BLM?

by Bosingr 4 months ago

Are these reporters from North Korea? They're so anti-America.

by HodlOn Pig 4 months ago

Omar is a plant she will try to harm Americans from within get her out

by David Lewis 4 months ago

The police should be respected, Ilhan should be kicked out of office.

by Maceo Mack 4 months ago

Ask Ilhan Omar why a Somalian cop in Minnesota shot and killed a white woman and not a word was said about it .

by Glenn Schaub 4 months ago

I'm Asian, stop calling me a person of colour ffs! I am not a victim! Trump 2020🇺🇸👍

by Murad Wessel 4 months ago

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