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How To Correctly Repair Damaged & Cracked Car Leather Seats

Car Craft Auto Detailing photo 1 How To Correctly Repair Damaged... Car Craft Auto Detailing photo 2 How To Correctly Repair Damaged... Car Craft Auto Detailing photo 3 How To Correctly Repair Damaged... Car Craft Auto Detailing photo 4 How To Correctly Repair Damaged...

Hey guys, just to answer a few questions in the comments: This was a junkyard seat used for a demonstration video firstly showing a full repair for the bottom part of the seat and then a blend repair on the top part of the seat as a comparison to show and explain both these processes. As mentioned, this is a repair of leather itself, not a replacement or reupholstering of leather, and how long it will last will depend on many factors including how well the repair was undertaken, how bad the damage is to start with, how well the seat is maintained and how it is used, so it could be a matter of months or years to a lifetime depending on those factors. Iโ€™m not affiliated with any leather repair system, I donโ€™t sell these products or profit from their sale, it was a pure and simple demonstration video that I hope many of you enjoy! Lastly, if the leather is perforated, it is possible to use this process but you will have to use a thin sharp tool to recreate the perforations at the end.

by Car Craft Auto Detailing 3 months ago

Good job, but i wish you would have done that left top side cracks as well, and painted the upper middle part as well, i think it would have looked even better. Well done though. God bless.

by Prophets Among Us 1 year ago

Anyone else watch this even though never going to do it? Lol

by Craig Cooper 2 years ago

This is almost as satisfying to watch as the scene where Woody gets restored by that old man.

by steamyhotpoo 1 year ago

Anyone else watch this even though you don't have leather seats?

by Accio 4 months ago

Time, patience, ingenuity, an artistic flare and air brush can do wonders.

by DT NA 1 month ago

Such patience. I take my hat off to you sir.

by Jedi Knight 1 year ago

Its more than OCD its just raw talent honed with patients, dedication, integrity and tremendous work ethic. Even in those people who want to achieve the best results do not because they do not have the commitment required.

by Thomas Stapel 2 months ago

Watching you detail cars is like watching a master surgeon doing a brain operation. The level of detail and OCD is just insane. What a wealth of knowledge you are. Thanks for being on youtube!

by Ibrahim Abu Bakar 2 years ago

My friends wife sold me a creampuff and it is loaded. the seats need care and this vid is very cool. I don't mind doing the work.

by AceEyeEd 1 year ago

Today Youtube Recommandation wasn't ass.
Don't even own a car.
..still watched it from start to end.

by Bogdan Antone 1 year ago

I would be happy if my seats looked that good after some love.

by Robert MacDonald 1 year ago

I do not have leather seats, but I came across this video and within the first minute you had my attention. This is how all "how-to" videos should be done. Excellent job!

by kimnach 2 years ago

This is the ultimate repair /restore video... You sir are a talented individual!

by steven jacobs 1 week ago

I will never do this repair work but I watched bc I love your work man.... You and Scott from Dallas paint correction.... Great stuff always.

by Faheem Zia 2 years ago

Nicely done, but not finishing the left side will haunt me forever...๐Ÿ˜œ

by Industrial Lightworks 1 year ago

This has got to be one of the coolest โ€œtricksโ€ Iโ€™ve ever seen on YouTube! - ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

by Victory is Myne 1 month ago

Not perfect my foot, bruh im in love with the renovation

by 3rbawi Al Hassan 4 months ago

I dont have leather seats in my car. i dont need anything repaired... but im still fascinated by this repair! Well done!

by Zhurak 1 year ago

Not sure how I got here but that was alright. Lol

by nsrvtca 3 months ago

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