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The Tragedy of John Jones | Sealed Forever in a Cave

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Today we are going to look at the tragic death of cave explorer John Jones, who is forever sealed up in the Nutty Putty Cave. After 27 hours & 100 rescuers working to free him, John took his last breath on November 26, 2009.
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I just got this recommended after a guy crawling through a cave called hellhole or something

by Kakashi Hatake 1 month ago

This is why I prefer hobby’s where the main goal isn’t to survive

by xuljy 1 month ago

This is probably one of the scariest and worst ways to die

by Daryl 1 month ago

When i was young and more stupid, i went cave exploring with family in a system of caves we went to each year and i was very familiar with. On this trip I wanted to find something new and set off to explore new paths. I found a tiny tunnel and went off on my own to explore it. It got so tight that i had to remove my helmet. Then further on I had to leave my bag. finally i reached a point where i needed to leave my water and all supplies aside from my flashlight. I continued, stupidly, because i wanted to be the first to see the chamber this offshoot would go to. well then i got stuck. I realized then that i was trapped where nobody was able to reach me and, more stupidly, I was the lead explorer and had went down this tunnel before the group had caught up to me...so they wouldn't know where i was. I had to fight the urge to panic cuz i knew that would wedge me in tighter. finally i heard their voices and was able to make enough noise to alert them to my location. However they couldn't get to me. I had to talk to my dad through the tiny opening about how i was stuck and brainstorm ways to get out. My saving grace was that my dad also knew not to panic and helped me keep a level head. Also, the rock of the cave was a sandstone that could be broken way with the only thing i had left: my flashlight. So I managed to break away the piece i was caught on... and then travel backwards up the tunnel for about 40 ft until i was able to turn around and escape. So lucky that my story didnt end the way this man's did.

by Eric Wilcox 1 month ago

Dude I sometimes panic when I have my bed sheets over my head and can’t find my way out.

by joenandys gonzalez 6 months ago

He was like 200lbs he really thought he could fit in something called “the birth canal”

by Jazmine Lashe 1 month ago

He didn’t take a map, he split off from the path willingly and went down alone, “guessed” the cave path, and went down a vertical one. All of these things are fat NO’S for cavers. Recipe for disaster. The only thing that makes it dangerous is making bad decisions in the first place, just stick to the books. No matter how professional you are.

by Kochie 1 month ago

Yeah I’ll stick to exploring Minecraft caves

by Count Dooku 1 month ago

thats a big oof. this is why claustrophobia is a GOOD THING

by Dash that BUNNY! 1 month ago

There are places in this world where people are not meant to go.

by PersonaX 2 weeks ago

Mom: why are you always playing video-games at home, go outside and play outdoor games
Outdoor games:

by Ronak Bhadarka 1 month ago

I just don’t understand why people do things like this. That’s just sad.

by vanguardduelist 1 month ago

Holy cow. That’s gotta be one of the most terrifying ways to die ever.

by anomalydoll 6 months ago

The sad part is he had to accept his fate that’s tough

by Me •___• 1 month ago

i'm feeling suffocated by only watching this video.

by Jack Daniels 3 weeks ago

I could not go on hearing the story. As I was listening I just started feeling like I was trapped in a tight space. I just couldn't hear anymore. What a horrible way to die. I know people can do what they please but this is one hobby where you are messing with your life.

by Ricky Parrilla 3 weeks ago

Horrible way to go,sends shivers down ones spine RIP.

by John Roddy 1 week ago

Imagine being stuck and then hear "I'm sorry John. We can't free you"

And then the rescuers leave.

by Reaper 7 months ago

Holy shit I had anxiety just watching this. Imagine being that guy, stuck in a cave like that? A horrible way to die

by Kevin Ouellette 1 week ago

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