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How to cut men's hair for beginners (tutorial)

Chelsea Welechenko photo 1 How to cut men's hair... Chelsea Welechenko photo 2 How to cut men's hair... Chelsea Welechenko photo 3 How to cut men's hair... Chelsea Welechenko photo 4 How to cut men's hair...

I'm here coz my dad wants me to do this for him. Edit : I have no hair cutting talent. Sorry dad

by MaryAnn 4 weeks ago

I gave my husband a quarantine haircut today following this video. It turned out great! Thank you so much!
Update: My dad saw how well my husband's hair turned out, so he had me cut his hair too. Another success! Thank you so much for this tutorial!

by Fern Lin-Healy 1 month ago

I'm bald now.
Actually, I was bald before I watched this video. Great job!

by Darren Carter 2 weeks ago

Amazing tutorial! I’m going to cut my husband’s hair today & I’m going to play your video again while cutting his hair to get this perfect haircut! Thank you for sharing!

by Grace Cheung 1 month ago

Thank you so much for doing this tutorial. We bought clippers to do my husbands hair and I wasn’t to confident to use them. Your calm presentation and instruction was so easy to follow and he now almost looks like he has been to a hairdresser........

by Janette Richards 3 months ago

This is by far the most well explained haircut tutorial that I have seen! It was so easy to understand! Thank you for this!😄😄

by Anchal Agrawal 1 month ago

My Dad has been wanting to to cut his hair. I told him that I take no responsibility for any outcome or bodily damage or harm from my work. As is, no warranty. He said, "Just cut it and don't worry about it, it's going to fine" Yeah okay, like I believe him, I know after I'm done he's gonna get pissed. Welp, here goes nothing. BTW, great video, appreciate the tips and it's now time to do what I must and accept my doom.

by Yogi Demis 2 months ago

My mom watched the whole tutorial and just gave me our first quarantine cut. Thank you for the guidance!!!

by Bryan N 3 months ago

Never seen anyone use shavers on wet hair before, but it turned out great

by rl 2 2 months ago

Wow! This is one of the best things iv'e ever watched! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!1

by Soccer Queen 2 months ago

Just cut my husband's hair last night and used your video as a guide, turned out great. Yours was the most helpful video - ty!

by Dawn Grady 4 months ago

Next time please turn the volume of music little bit lower otherwise thanks so much for this vid!

by 6Pope9 2 months ago

My brothers Hair: gets longer
Me: Go and get a haircut
Covid-19: Hi
Me: Damn

by Budo Sport 4 weeks ago

This is the best hair cutting tutorial I’ve watched - as someone who has never even picked up clippers, let alone switched them on, I now feel confident to tackle my teen’s overgrown hair. Thank you so much lovely 💙

by Madam G 3 months ago

The best do-it-yourself men's haircut tutorial on YouTube, followed her guidelines and got perfect results! Thanks, Chelsea.

by Jeff Katz 2 months ago

Thank you. You finally cleared up how to use the guide :)

by Bobby Moshiri 3 months ago

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Followed your instructions-- actually played the video while I cut-- and gave my husband a great haircut! Due to quarantine, he hadn't had it cut for 12 weeks, it was so long! I was afraid to do it but with your tutorial I actually did a good job :)

by Michelle G 3 months ago

Best tutorial I've ever seen on youtube. Yesterday, I did my hair 10 around the sides because I was nervous to go outside and cut it.. I haven't finished yet but I'll finish tomorrow. This video will help me so much, thank you sm! :)

by Marcel B. 1 day ago

I did my husband’s hair last night and because his hair is incredibly thick & course, it was nothing like this!! I panicked the whole time! 😂

by Amira 4 months ago

This is a great video. She explains well, the audio is good, and the one holding the camera did a good job too. Thank you

by Anne Blaza 3 months ago

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