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Piru lake underwater camera

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Underwater bass and bluegill

Chuck Acquistapace photo 1 Piru lake underwater camera Chuck Acquistapace photo 2 Piru lake underwater camera Chuck Acquistapace photo 3 Piru lake underwater camera Chuck Acquistapace photo 4 Piru lake underwater camera

looks so scary, im praying for naya

by isa dragomir 1 weeks ago

That water looks gross it's a no go for me ok

by Michol Akinola 1 weeks ago

Im here bcus of Naya Rivera RIP angel :( Sht this water is scary af

by Thanos Snap 1 weeks ago

I’m here because of Naya 😔😔

by mandy habel 1 weeks ago

Stumbled upon this video as I was searching for Naya's death. Poor Naya, she died here. This lake is too creepy, many drowned in this lake. I think it's definitely unadvisable to swim in there. ☹️

by dauntless cha 1 weeks ago

🙏🏼 PEOPLE! If you go to any lake or ocean, PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE Wear a life jacket or vest! It doesn’t matter how good of a swimmer you are, better safe than sorry. You never know what’s down there that can pull you down.

by Nature Waters 1 weeks ago

Que lago horrível e perigoso.. mds

by Bianca Souza 1 weeks ago


by Kleytons 5 days ago

Watching after hearing the final true allegations on the death of Naya Rivera. Rip beautiful, even tho I never was a fan this is truly sad. You had a family and all. Even if you didn’t, still didn’t deserve this. Rest up 🖤🖤🖤🖤

by Brooklyn Marie 1 weeks ago

I did not know that those kinds of fish were in that one spot

by Sprocke7 2 years ago

They said it was a whirlpool that pulled her in😩💔

by LivLiv Faith 1 weeks ago

I thought waters here are 30ft deep. That looks low.. and I thought waters aren't clear? But you can clearly see stuff underwater

by Eugene Barretto 1 weeks ago

From the camera, it seems like this Lake Piru has shallow water.

by Jessica Smith 1 weeks ago

Just looking at that smh it’s a no for me! All of the pools in the world and you wanna take a dip in this? Naya is not in that water. It’s gonna take for them to find her body for me to believe she’s dead.

by TiffyLove Love 1 weeks ago

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