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Ruby Rose REPLACED With Javicia Leslie On 'Batwoman'!

Clevver News photo 1 Ruby Rose REPLACED With Javicia... Clevver News photo 2 Ruby Rose REPLACED With Javicia... Clevver News photo 3 Ruby Rose REPLACED With Javicia... Clevver News photo 4 Ruby Rose REPLACED With Javicia...

Doesn't matter who the actress is, as long as the writing of cw sucks...nothing will change.

by Zoeyyy McCool 2 months ago

Did they chose a black women just so they wouldn’t get canceled

by ITZ_ICY_GAMING 2 months ago

I legit wanna know how that’s gonna work, no hate. like are they gonna scrap season 1? How are they gonna build her storyline in? Are they going to start over? Don’t get me wrong I love this for her and the show I’m just genuinely confused.

by Tiffany Cammuk 2 months ago


by Cardell Johnson 2 months ago

You got to love the female empowerment! Ruby Rose was so encouraging and welcoming to Javicia, we need more of that. 💕

by Massangy D 2 months ago

Ofc it‘s going to be a black actress now
Lmao Congratulations

by GLBizzie 2 months ago

I'm not sure how logical it'll be considering the fact that she was white but I wasn't coming back for season 2 cause Ruby Rose was too stiff an actor for me. Let's see how this plays out

by Kagendo Kaecha 2 months ago

Finally a black batwoman!! I am so excited for this. Although I'm going to miss Ruby Rose, this is so empowering to see and is long overdue. I also hope they did this for the right reason and not just so they don't get cancelled.

by Massangy D 2 months ago

Did they explain the change in the show?
I remember 60s Batman switching Catwoman and explained nothing but was obvious change.

by Steven Ulch 2 months ago

Screw this nobody will replace Ruby Rose in my eyes and no it's not because shes black.

by Brie Garrett 2 months ago

It’s pointless no one is going to watch the show

by Manuel Jimenez 2 months ago

Maybe the writing will get better or probably not.

by marvin TNT 2 months ago

Sonya Deville from WWE, would have been such a good fit for the role as well. I heard they were in talks with her, to take the role. Check her out if you don't know her.

by Seth Freakin Rollins 2 months ago

Yup I’m here for it‼️‼️‼️🖤

by Brishantiana B 2 months ago

That’s awesome! So good to see more diversity and LGTBQ representation in mainstream movies 🙌💯💃👑

by Thanh Mai 2 months ago

My heart just cannot fathom such. Sooooooooo proudddd, i love them both. Sighhhhhh, the walls being shattered here are honestly trailblazing!!! So proud of another black womans achievements

by Sikelela Mahlati 2 months ago

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