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The hidden danger in the Great Lakes

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Since 2010, more than 600 people have drowned in the Great Lakes. Jamie Racklyeft was almost one of them and he's determined to make sure others survive too.

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Our Great Lakes arenโ€™t normal lakes, theyโ€™re inland seas

by ItsJustDutch 1 year ago

Any body of water is dangerous. Ocean, river, lake, stream. They'll turn on you without notice. One misstep and your dead.
Check this out...the way our bodies react, you can drown, "triggered" by, iust one teaspoon of water in the lungs! It's a reflex. Your body reflexively tries to gulp in some air...but it's not air you'll gulp in.
Google it!
Nothing you can do to stop it.

by T C 5 months ago

When I was a young man enjoying the beach in Montauk Long Island, I watched an older couple vacationing and playing with a beach ball near the water. The ball ended-up in the water, the gentleman followed, and I knew what was about to happen. As the ball was pushed out, so was the man. When I got to him he was shoulder-deep and beginning to panic. I was able to pull him sideways (parallel to the shore) and we swam/walked out of the current. On shore I realized that he was French and didn't understand English, so I drew him and his wife a diagram in the sand of the offshore sandbar with a break in it that had become the funnel for the water near the shore to escape. It was a wonderful feeling, and 50 years later I recall it completely. I even retrieved the ball that had passed the sand bar and the majority of the danger. I had earned my lifeguard certificate a few years earlier but was enjoying the beach, not working it (for pay). If you have a place like a community pool, etc., encourage your children to earn swimming certificates and/or do it yourself. There's no better feeling than saving a life. Peace! :)

by PunchDrummer 3 months ago

1) Stay Calm, Don't panic! 2) Flip over on your back and float, to rest! 3) Swim paralell to the shoreline, until the rip current 'releases' you! 4) Swim straight into the shore!

You will never 'outswim' a rip current, by swimming directly in towards shore, the pull offshore is too powerful and constant!

How do you know you're caught in a rip-tide? The harder you try to swim to shore, the further out you are swept!

Best advice? Stay Calm! Float to Rest and conserve energy!
- Always check surf conditions before entering the water!
- Swim near Lifeguards, if possible!
- Look at the water, before getting in to swim! Currents look muddy, with disturbed sandy bottoms, from rapidly moving water - avoid these areas!
- Also stay away from piers and other structures in the water, they can help form abnormal currents around them!
- Never swim alone. Bring a buddy, or friends with you, for safety!

by Susan Kay 1 year ago

I was 10 years old when Iearned to respect the waves on Lake Michigan Almost pounded me to death. Very very different than ocean waves.

by Todd Tomaszewski 1 year ago

Growing up in Florida, I was used to rip currents. But that's the ocean. Had no idea the Great Lakes had rip currents.

by Susan Fudge 1 year ago

I wonder if this caused Naya Rivera to drown.

by CALife 1 month ago

It's not the size of the waves on the Great Lakes, it's the frequency. Because the Lakes are smaller than the ocean, the waves are a lot closer together. It gives you a lot less time to react before the next one is on top of you.

by ZeroFox Gibbon 1 year ago

I can't Imagine how much Naya Rivera struggle on saving her boy.. rest in peace naya

by Willy Rhyudent 1 month ago


by ItsNiyaDemi 2 months ago

I got caught in a RIP as the fog was coming in and the lifeguards had no way to see us. I had to save a girl who was swimming with me. I was 3 seconds from letting her go. She was dragging me and my friend under. Last second a huge wave pushed us into shore. I dragged her into it. She's alive by 3 seconds. True story

by Kevin Allen 1 year ago

I'm from Michigan and I wouldn't leave the Great Lakes for nothing. Michigan is beautiful.

by Yo Boo Boo 1 year ago

Any large body of water has rip,currents

by living legend 1 year ago

Born and raised in Kalamazoo Michigan almost died in Benzie County, rip currents are no joke

by Rick massey 1 year ago

There strong! He's right about not panaocking. I almost drowned in lake Huron last year. You go from panick to calm fast. The calm is when you look relaxed and still able to float. Your throat seals off for about 20-60 srconds before it opens and your lungs fill with water. I surfaced before they opened up. The ironic part is, the year before I swam fifty feet out and brought a guy to shore. He had no vitals. I broke his ribs doing chest compressions and he spit up water and we got him breathing again. Water is dangerous. Everyone should have a healthy fear of it!!

by Mark Silva 1 year ago

Yeah I wonโ€™t even swim in the lakes if the waves have whitecaps on them.

by Larry L 2 months ago

That's terrifying! So sad the boy died. But so glad the man survived.

by peety 63 1 year ago

Live in Kalamazoo my whole life. Every summer we head to lake Michigan, as a teen I was caught by the current, although I think we called it an undertow back then

by Stephanie London 1 year ago

News caster- โ€œMost Michiganderโ€™s are clueless of the dangers of the Lakes.โ€
(Me) Pure bred Michigander- EXUSE ME!?

by Sarah Potter 4 months ago

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