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Welcome Luka "Perkz" Perković | Cloud9 LCS Mid Laner Announcement

#Best NA Team #cloud9lol #perkz na #League Championship Series #Gaming
You already know who he is. He's playing mid lane, his handle is Perkz, and he's coming to NA on Cloud9. Watch him.
Read more: http://c9.gg/welcome-perkz
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Welcome Luka "Perkz" Perković | Cloud9 LCS Mid Laner Announcement
#Cloud9 #C9 #LCS

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Cloud9 photo 1 Welcome Luka Cloud9 photo 2 Welcome Luka Cloud9 photo 3 Welcome Luka Cloud9 photo 4 Welcome Luka

He's coming to NA. Watch him.
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by Cloud9 7 hours ago

"I can just play top lane as well" - Holy shit what a chad

by Mark Behnke 7 hours ago

"I'm undefeated at MSI this year as well"

Weird flex but ok 😂😂

by Youtube Jilano 7 hours ago

Perkz joins the LCS. Two seconds later he straight up dethrones Doublelift as the king of shit talk.

by Obosi 7 hours ago

- "I want to make NA great, not again just great"


by Pʀᴀɪs RB 7 hours ago

Perkz: Watch me
Rekkless: And I will

by JB 7 hours ago

I'm a 100T fan.. But holy crap when he said, "I'm not coming here to retire, I'm coming here to dominate and absolutely demoralize my opponents. " I felt that.

by Grant Parker 7 hours ago

'If he sucks, its okay I can top'

by razormane 7 hours ago

"I want to make NA great...not again...just great. It has never been great before honestly" Holy shit, Perkz is damn right

by Natty 6 hours ago

Imagine being an NA player for 5 minutes and already elevating the shittalking game to a whole new tier xD Love you Perkz, I'll follow you wherever you go!

by Kemvaros 6 hours ago

Already waiting for C9 vs G2 on MSI or Worlds

by Sebastian 7 hours ago

C9 bringing out the heavy artillery with the bazooka himself

by smilesalot555 7 hours ago

My Ryze is bad
My Azir is worse
On our side now
It's C9 Perkz

by AnFun 7 hours ago

“I don’t main mid or bot lane..

I main the game”

by Endeavor 7 hours ago


by luke shelly 7 hours ago

POGGERS, historical moment for c9

by -flatline- 7 hours ago

Hey man, this is cool and all but no Sneaky no Worlds.

by Nicolai 7 hours ago

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