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Killer Coach - Crime Movie

David Eldridge photo 1 Killer Coach - Crime Movie David Eldridge photo 2 Killer Coach - Crime Movie David Eldridge photo 3 Killer Coach - Crime Movie David Eldridge photo 4 Killer Coach - Crime Movie

Am Iā€™m the only one that puts a swim cap on and hair still get wet šŸ˜‚

by Ariyan Oliver 1 year ago

This white girl is so jealous of the black beauty but the guy just happens to be mental and obsessed with her!

by Linda Galloway 1 year ago

The ending: so they rushed to save the daughter. Coach thought he had shot her while she was in the pool but heck no, she pulled a fast one and shot him right in the chest. Police arrived shortly after. Fast forward two weeks later, she won her swimming competition

by Nur Syahidayu Effendy 2 years ago

she had a one night stand with someone who is obsessed with her!

by Linda Galloway 3 years ago

i dont get why wouldn't her mom do a back round check on him even if she didn't know. his father recommended it i would have

by Nicole Marshall 3 years ago

why would anyone post a movie with out the ending not cool not cool at all.

by Judy Macqueen 2 years ago

he seem crazy from the beginning acting like he was drowning and also why was he there at night

by Octavia Scott 3 years ago

Tom maden is so hot šŸ˜šŸ”„

by Aluma rozen 1 year ago

Where's the rest of the movie?? The coach is fine, but crazy!

by xe np 1 year ago

Yeah but why does that guy look like Jason Griffith,if you don't know he was that guy who played sonic and shadow in that sonic anime A.K.A Sonic X

by Zabeth Shepard 1 year ago

iv just seen the messages. i tried watching it on lifetime movies. i haven't actually seen it on lifetime. but it is advertised . i put it in and ot came up. but the idiot who put up the movie unfinished is obviously having a laugh at the expense of others

by Joanne Greaves 2 years ago

This my Movie yeah šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„

by Kayla Simone 9 months ago

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