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Extreme Haircut Compilation by Professional | Cutting Hair Short 2017

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Girl long to short haircut videos compilation on DIY Everyday!
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Is there anyone with long hair who wants to cut it but they're scared or just me

by Deppy 1 year ago

When I cut my hair, the first thing I do is: check if it can still be put in a ponytail

by lynn 1 year ago

Me: cuts off my waist length hair to shoulders and nobody notices
My friend: trims 2 inches of hair and everyone's like "omg you look so different"

by Dear Risa 5 months ago

Sees people with short hair
Me: cuts hair

Looks like Dora explora

by Asian Kid 2.0 1 year ago

Dude my hair was so long... and one day I just went


by Hiro Hamada 11 months ago

oh god I thought she was an adult but when they showed their face I was like oh lol😂

by Daesiesx 1 year ago

Every time I go to the barber i say “just a trim”
Two hours later I’m practically bald
Edit: I found this comment I wrote ages ago wth, why are so many of the replies taking this seriously 👁👄👁

by Anonymous Garfield 1 year ago

when you ask for a trim but ended up getting a pixie haircut☹️

by Hyuna Lee 1 year ago

"I want something different."
"may I speak to your manager."

by 3StarLogo 1 year ago

I literally just had my haircut. I now look like the asian dora.

by TaeTae Pie 8 months ago

So here is a rant about short hair
I chopped off some of my hair lately and most of my friends were saying

All of them already have long hair btw
Yes long hair is fun to style and stuff but a lot of people have it
Also it is a MESS to take care of
I wanted to try to do something that not a lot of people have
I think shorter hairstyles frame anybody’s face more
And some hairstyles look cuter with short hair
Now wanna cut it shorter
And going from long hair to shorter usually means donations or selling it which is always good

And finally.....
Hair grows back uwu

This is all just my Opinion if you read all of that thx m8 good day

by Sarah Franklin 1 year ago

now she's all dressed up and ready to talk to the manager

by SnowClover 8 months ago

I hope all these beautiful people donated their hair to cancer <3

by Carudel Strudel 1 year ago

went to a full on karen hair cut lol

by Olivia 11 months ago

I’m donated my hair, and now I look like lord Farquadd!

by DreamCatcher 7 months ago

... I always wondered.... What do they do with the left over hair?!!! Keep it in a jar?!! EAT IT?!!!! Make dolls out of it?!! I dunno😂😂

by Momo Yaoyarozu 1 year ago

I want to cut my hair so badly because all I have ever had is long hair but my parents won't let me :(

by yooncurious 1 year ago

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