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John David Washington Explains Tenet Fan Theories | Explain This | Esquire

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John David Washington is the new Protagonist in Christopher Nolan’s original sci-fi action spectacle “Tenet". Esquire asked him to explain the most talked about internet fan theories surrounding "Tenet" and while he was talking, explain some of the intense theories surrounding some of the other epic Christopher Nolan movies..
John David Washington Explains Tenet Fan Theories | Explain This | Esquire
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Esquire photo 1 John David Washington Explains Tenet... Esquire photo 2 John David Washington Explains Tenet... Esquire photo 3 John David Washington Explains Tenet... Esquire photo 4 John David Washington Explains Tenet...

Man, just a couple more weeks, and you're going to be the biggest celebrity of this planet—best of luck, brother.

by Azmi 1 month ago

I wouldn’t be surprised if the film started from the end credits

by Amandeep Singh 1 month ago

This movie will destroy my brain
And because of that I’m excited

by Ernesto Lindley 1 month ago

I love how he seems like a fan of Nolan’s films. He knows all the characters and names. So awesome I can’t wait to see him in Tenet

by Dane Otto 1 month ago

Anybody find it strange that he knows Michael Cane's character's name without even thinking I've seen that movie at least 10 times and didnt even know

by Neiko Ortiz 1 month ago

Washington: I would say Tenet is an in-law to inception *looks off-screen*
Nolan: your free trial of living has ended

by Daniel Earl 1 month ago

Nolan said he hasn’t shown the film to any of the cast members.

by Allo Es Me Sam 1 month ago

Inception: “ I’m the most complicated movie”

Reeb ym dloh : tenet

by Midgar Section 8 1 month ago

I think Michael Caine’s character in Inception was more like a casting agent or Cobb’s manager. Also, I saw a theory that Tenet is Inception’s sequel and I just can’t get this out of my head now.

by Alexander Angelus 1 month ago

The prestige was adopted from a book actually. He rewrote the ending tho.

by Daniel Filippus 1 month ago

I haven't really seen any of John David Washington's movies yet (Hence, I didn't quite know him).
Going by the trailers, I'd sorta expected him to be all serious and low key.. So, him being hilarious and vibrant was a really pleasant surprise!!
He seems really chill and fun to hang out with.. I really dig his vibe! I can barely wait for TENET!!!

by Rohan Parikh 1 month ago

I wish JDW saw this theory: The character that JDW fights in the bullet hole sequence is him from the future. The mysterious figure who saves him in the prologue with the reverse bullet is him from the future. If the film is a palindrome then it will begin and end at the opera house.

by Allo Es Me Sam 1 month ago

He's so serious in the trailer but he's so funny in real life. He sounds like a fanboy half the time

by solomon sessums 1 month ago

COVID or no COVID there are moviegoers in the future who need us.

by Mattycakes 1 month ago

actually The Prestige is based off a book. Inception, Interstellar, and Tenet are his original trilogy.

by Seethi C 1 month ago

The people: "There are only seven kinds of stories"

Christopher Nolan: "Hold my screenplay!"

by SKY 1 month ago

For some reason I can’t help but want to like this Guy. Seems like he maybe a good actor someday....lol Dude already killed it....literal death.

by Sin Baon 1 month ago

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