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SHADOW VS GHOST - Fortnite's SECRET WAR BEGINS... ( Fortnite Film )

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The war for the Fortnite island has begun with Shadow vs Ghost, but who will be victorious and which side will you be on in Fortnite?? Fortnite heroes Midas, Agent Peely, Meowcles and Brutus are on both sides but who will win??
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Seasons 2 photo 1 SHADOW VS GHOST - Fortnite's... Seasons 2 photo 2 SHADOW VS GHOST - Fortnite's... Seasons 2 photo 3 SHADOW VS GHOST - Fortnite's... Seasons 2 photo 4 SHADOW VS GHOST - Fortnite's...

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by Seasons 2 8 months ago

The war: Start


by YEETBLOX 2 months ago

Wow, shadow brutus acts like a kid. Especcially when he said "I wanna wacth the boom boom" lol.

by Arabic boi 5 months ago

skye: whats this video
me: i dont know but its the great war

by chris mcgovern 1 month ago

I subscribed and hit the bell this would be my first shoutout.😅

by chickoda 5 months ago

Hey hey I can come over later this afternoon and then come over to your house and then come over to your house and then come over to your house and

by Okuz yilmaz Okuz 5 months ago

I Found a secret on fortnite. its about the skin in season 1, chapter-1. 8-Ball vs scratch is there a easter egg on. I found out that there was/is shadow tech on the leg in chapter-1. I hope your staying cool under this corona time. I Watch all your videos all the time.

by Arisyah Mimungtham 5 months ago

There was a llama at 7: 20 like if you saw that

by Ayaan Sankhla 6 months ago

that didnt sound like banna guy but he might havent said anything

by Luca Alcantara 5 months ago

Hey um i have a question:Did Midas make ghost?

by Diana Cajas 5 months ago

I liked and subbed
I’m late so time to watch all of ur latest videos

by H1BSY 8 months ago

I really like the statt of the screen

by tiko tiko 5 months ago

I Thought it was a playing mini games with the cast

by Jomines Valera 8 months ago

This is just so brilliant Your mice are so good😝

by Jim Crichton 3 months ago

There's two different brutuses and pellys

by Imran Ali 5 months ago

I use your code in the item shop please give me a shout out

by Micah Broomfield 1 week ago

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