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Glee Scenes photo 1 NAYA RIVERA IN STEP UP:... Glee Scenes photo 2 NAYA RIVERA IN STEP UP:... Glee Scenes photo 3 NAYA RIVERA IN STEP UP:... Glee Scenes photo 4 NAYA RIVERA IN STEP UP:...

Ne-Yo shouldn't act. Naya carried the scenes with him in them.

by travishunterbrown 2 months ago

I need this to come out on Netflix

by Ma’Kiyah 2 years ago

Oh man tbh Naya is the ONLY ONE who has real talent. I mean all of them except Naya are just bunch of garbages compare to Santana portrayed by Naya

by J KIM 2 years ago

Colette is High water she made this show.

by Danni Brandon 1 month ago

please i can wait for more episode bcz i really love series

by kendy sira 2 years ago

I love this episode so bad and this is coming from dark chocolate paskes

by Eon Sancho 1 month ago

Interesting but pls the next episode

by Gifty Geli 2 years ago

can you please add more glee full prominence from for good and misery and let it go

by Jacob Braun 2 years ago

Can you pls start doing glee scenes again

by Sanjana Menon 2 years ago

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