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RIP Cory Monteith - Glee Co-Stars React

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Glee fans and celebs everywhere react to Cory Monteith dying over the weekend. Lea Michele agents ask for privacy and Glee stars are posting fond memories. Subscribe http://bit.ly/RDwlvz
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@HOLLYWOOD photo 1 RIP Cory Monteith - Glee... @HOLLYWOOD photo 2 RIP Cory Monteith - Glee... @HOLLYWOOD photo 3 RIP Cory Monteith - Glee... @HOLLYWOOD photo 4 RIP Cory Monteith - Glee...

Cory's chillin' with Grilled Cheesus.

by Sophia B. 6 years ago

He took the midnight train going anywhere. We miss you and love you Cory โค

by ReAnna Kelly 6 years ago

Cory Did Not Die. He Took The Midnight Train Going Anywhere

by Iqbal Suranggi 6 years ago

I am still crying today. RIP Cory Monteith ;'( He inspired me.

by Megan Cook 6 years ago

And I still cry today for you and sometimes when I am always watching glee. I would skip the episode of The quarterback me just typing this down is making me cry I love you soooooo much

by Eva Navejar 2 years ago

I miss Cory so much... :(

by willow w 4 years ago

Hollywood pours out it's sympathy and fond memories in honor of Cory Monteith after news of his death.


by @HOLLYWOOD 7 years ago

((RIP Cory when we here thunder it'll be you playing your drums))

by Terezi Pyrope 7 years ago

I watched glee on tv when it was soooooooo popular and still is today just know Cory ppl did not forget you are still a big hit and always will be ppl can question why i think your a hero because you made a Difference in this cruel world we loved you and still love โค๏ธ you always and forever ๐Ÿ˜ช๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜—๐Ÿ˜˜

by Eva Navejar 2 years ago

We miss you cory<3 come back :'(

by Noelle K 7 years ago

I loved you :( this is the first time iv lost someone I truly looked up to and loved . Heartbroken

by Azora Felix 7 years ago

R.I.P Cory Monteith - Finn, i'm soooory :(( and not glee season 5!!!

by Lisa 21yrs 7 years ago

Cory Monteith had a drug overdose,os Heroine mixed with alchahol! ;(

by tea 6 years ago

Never watching glee again it will make me cry and I still do ;(

by chas agot 7 years ago

Agreed, I miss him so much </3 i am broken over this

by Alexis person 7 years ago

RIP Cory We all miss youโ™ฅ

by emma2208h 7 years ago

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