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Chris Colfer: 'Glee' Stars Need To Mourn Cory Monteith Privately | HPL

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"Glee" star Chris Colfer joins HufPost Live to discuss the death of Cory Monteith and how he and his castmates are dealing with it.
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Just because Chris is not crying publicly does not mean he did not care about Cory. I was so pissed off when I heard that people were saying that about Chris. Fans need to let Cory's family, friends, and especially Lea mourn in peace.

by Chantholli89 6 years ago

People saying he seemed cold.
He doesn't have to break down crying on camera, he doesn't have to share his emotions with the world. People mourn differently, there's nothing wrong with doing it privately

by Lissy Pritchard 2 years ago

Chris' mourning was super private for the longest time. The very first indication of any activity from him was him liking a few cat pictures on Instagram, so some fans had a shit fit over how he didn't publicly acknowledge Cory's death and how they thought he was moving on with his life and how he didn't care about Cory at all, etc. It was bullshit. Chris is a very private person anyway, so he was probably dealing with it on his own time, trying to find a bit of happiness wherever he could.

by Alana D 7 years ago

you can really feel how heartbroken he is, the guy here is not the guy whoโ€™s always making jokes or smiling.

by Abril Vargas Avila 3 months ago

What chris said could relate to some of the other cast members. I see a bunch of fans saying "chris doesn't seem emotional" or "naya isn't emotional enough" or etc and I'm glad he said this. No one is mourning or grieving corys death more than the cast, friends and family. They knew Cory personally and we only knew him via our screens. Also some people are capable of holding in their emotions than others. A lot of the cast members interviewed about Cory and the tribute episode handled it strongly. These people are professional and probably received the same questions all day and at some point like chris said, you move on. You don't forget but you move on.

by hartbigs jauregui 2 years ago

"Twelve year olds in Nebraska"
Aka: People who have no business telling you how to do anything!
Well said Chris, well said ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Serenity Hamilton 3 years ago

VERY intelligent question, and VERY intelligent answer. Well done to both.

by kamwrites 7 years ago

Chris, you shared your thoughts so eloquently and so honestly.ย  We all grieve in different ways but sometimes something hits us so hard that it healthy to grieve together.ย  Cory's passing is one of those moments where we grieve separately but together.ย  God bless all of you as his friends and all who watched him grow on the show.ย  God's blessing of peace and comfort to all of you especially as the first Christmas without him approaches.ย  Love And Light!

by decmbr1203 6 years ago

dayum, well said

by GooCH9 6 years ago

As a 12 year old from Nebraska i'm really feeling put in my place

by Captain Radio 6 years ago

This was sad. I feel bad for the cast

by Taurie March 5 years ago

He looks so distant and cold
Shows how much he's hiding his emotions of missing Cory
People have different ways of handling grief.
I do this as well

by Khirrtana 4 months ago

You have some nerve to come on to a video about mourning a person who many people loved and idolised and say that he was stupid. Actually, how dare you. Cory's dead. He's gone. His death was a tragedy, no matter what way you choose to look at it. Cory knew he had a problem, he even spoke about it openly and checked into rehab twice. I for one am really proud of him for that. Take your ignorant opinion someplace else, I don't think anyone wants you dishonouring his memory like that

by Sarah SM 7 years ago

Everyone grieves in their own way.. He alone knows how he feels....

by Nerissa H 7 years ago

Chris is my favorite :)
But yeah, It would of been hard to go back to where they recorded, where memories are. I couldnt. It would kill me to go back there and remember everything so props to them. โค

by WolfBlรธรธd 1 year ago

On "telling them how to mourn"... even comments meant to be helpful can be kind of problematic. There's a Chris Colfer fan site where they set up two online condolence cards for fans to sign, one for Lea, one for the cast. I left my own messages and read some of the others. Lots of people emphasised "staying strong" or said "Cory's in heaven with the angels" or talked about God. Which would be lovely if we all shared the same beliefs, but if you don't believe in heaven, it's just depressing.

by allpossibleworlds 7 years ago

they were extremely close they were like brothers in real life he was trying to stay strong through the interview he was just saying that we got to mourn but life goes own but done forget his goodness and not the bad if you watched Glee you would know that they were extremely close in the show for 5 seasons you need to learn that saying strong and not caring is 2 different things

by Realene Harris 7 years ago

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