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Hidden Camera Shows How Strangers Can Get Close To Unaccompanied Minors on Planes

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More from Inside Edition: http://bit.ly/2bF0iuC
Airlines charge parents an extra $300 to keep their children safe when they're flying alone, but just how protected are they? A 13-year-old girl who flew from Dallas to Portland by herself over the summer says she was sexually assaulted by a stranger sitting beside her. With as many as 400,000 children flying alone on any given weekend, Inside Edition conducted a demonstration to see how easy it can be for someone to approach an unaccompanied minor.

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“This 8-year-old is going to go on a plane all by herself!”

*me a 19-year-old isn’t even allowed to order pizza by myself*

by シ가족의 날 5 months ago

No one gone talk about the second girls mom looking 4 years older than her

by Shaneya Bbumba 5 months ago

Why would anyone ever let a 5 year old fly solo?

by Lis ! 5 months ago

her at 8: flying alone

me at 8: crying because i can’t do a math equation

by chae 3 months ago

I never knew that 5-year-old kids can fly by themselves. This world is weird. Thanks for likes 😊 I appreciate it!

by Giorno Joestar 8 months ago

“This 13 year old girl Mackenzie”

by Sam Hsiao 5 months ago

Guy: *Touches my leg*

Me: *Shark Bite*

by VxdAbby Z 3 months ago

Don’t trust airlines with your Child’s safety

by uhhhfran 2 months ago

My mom doesn’t even let me go outside.

by voidly 9 months ago

I’m a young girl. My parents won’t even let me go in a gas station alone,cuz,you know,dudes these days

by Itz Phoenix 3 months ago

I think there should be a special closed in area for minors that don’t have a parent/guardian with them. It has 3-5 rows, TV’s and meals.

by British_HPfan101 1 1 month ago

8-year-olds: imma go on a plane BY MY SELF

me: i can't even go to my friend's house up the street and im in grade 7

by Harper!! 4 months ago

Man:Lemme touch him at his crotch area

Me:So you have chosen Death

by Justin PAINTER 3 months ago

5 year olds: flying by themselves

Me: SlOwLy ClOsInG tHe FrIdGe To SeE iF tHe LiGhTs WoUlD tUrN oFf

by Blueberry Pie 5 months ago

The person: hE plEd nOt gUiLtY

I literally almost screamed why would he not be guiltyyyyyy

by Rat Vibes uwu 2 months ago

8 yr old: goes on plane by herself

My 13 year old ass: my parents won't even let me leave the house alone

by Lucky Vang 2 months ago

"He's putting the safety of her daugher in the hands of American Airlines."

That sounded so wrong in my head.

by Bohlonayse 5 months ago

8 year old: flying by herself

Me at 13 who cried when my mom cooked the lobster from shoprite who I was playing with for 3 hours.

by Zach Santarcangelo 3 months ago

Yo why does the man look like he’s having a seizure when giving the candy

by American Sniper 5 months ago

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