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How to Survive An Undertow

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If you're on the shore and witness a tragedy unfolding, Sacramento Fire Department Captain Brian Gonsalves has advice: Stay calm. It comes after a group of friends were hanging out at a river on a hot afternoon and one was swept away by the current. Captain Gonsalves says only go in the water as a last-ditch effort.
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Dude I came here thinking it was gonna be a tutorial, I feel so bad now :/

by Alexis Renteria 1 year ago

This naya situation got me learning how to survive these things omg

by Alexander A. Sanchez 2 months ago

Low key looked like he didn't know how to swim and panicked very quickly screaming

by Raymond Call 1 year ago

Idk why but hearing that it’s the last they see of him gives me chills

by That Poly Dude 2 years ago

we literally just watched a guy jump to his death. that was terrifying. may he rest in peace 😔

by l. s 11 months ago

You better take off that life jacket and teach us like a man

by Crystal Bomber 1 year ago

Just don’t swim against the current. Swim to the sides for safe spots’

by William Malapitan 7 months ago

I searched this to understand what happened to Naya Rivera :( I believe in her case, the current was just as strong, but she still managed to save her son. May she rest in power.

by Blumenkranz 2 months ago

How to survive an undertow: stay out of the water.

by Matt Kinsman 1 year ago

They left really important information. You always swim perpendicular to the current. This guy was angled back up the current and wasting energy

by Shane Ffrench 1 year ago

He could barely swim... He took a few strokes then gave up. One tip from me: If you can't swim don't jump into a strong current.

by Vielen Dank 1 year ago

Not sure why he jumped in that river, that thing was moving.

by M J 11 months ago

I’m watching this after Naya.. R.I.P ❤️❤️❤️

by Dunder Mifflin 2 months ago

HELP!!!... No one helps anymore but they do film.

by S Camp 1 year ago

He was living like a normal 19 yo with friends hanging out ... you just never know what can happen after you leave your house door

by Currently watching random videos 2 months ago

He looked like he didn't even know how to swim. He definitely panicked.

by L S 11 months ago

I thought it was gonna be the girl who got sweeped away but when you see the video the guy jumps directly into the current and she is smart enough to jump into a part of the river that was shielded by rock and she didn't jump far either and grabbed the rock quickly.

by Mr Know it all 1 year ago

It wasn't a tutorial! DAMMIT!😭😭

by Salon Ghimire 1 year ago

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