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The Rude Behavior of New York Commuters

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Most people shave their legs in the bathroom but Inside Edition found one person who chose to do it on the train while on the way to work. It is just one of the disgusting things commuters in the tri-state area encounter every day. Inside Edition’s Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero rode the Long Island Rail Road to see firsthand how rude some passengers can get and ended up witnessing a stomach-churning list of behaviors. Among the more common offenses were the many seat hogs aboard the trains.

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“With a PIZZA -which you could certainly share”

”What is this, Russia?”

by GrubbyNelson 3 months ago

That guy that gives the fake tickets def has no life 😭. Like bruh

by Moomy 49 2 months ago

Person: *exists*
Lisa: “Hi I’m Lisa Guerrero from Inside Edition, what makes you think it’s ok to breathe?”

by Escorbo Crustini 2 weeks ago

She herself is being pretty rude. So hypocrite.

(Ps: great news guys, looks like having a different point of view than someone makes you rude! It's amazing how people take conclusions based on nothing so fast.)

by Beatriz Costa 4 weeks ago

“ you’re hogging the space with a pizza that you could certainly share”
if that was me I would say “oh honey I don’t share”

by Shelbie Kidd 3 weeks ago

I swear Lisa was the school snitch at school

by Injuring Cave 1 year ago

she straight up probably wasn’t trying to be rude

by Doggy From piggy 2 months ago

Title: The Rude behavior of New York Commuters

I mean... it's New York what do you expect?

by Lucky Vang 4 weeks ago

A pizza you can share with everyone

A few minutes ago

You cant eat on a train

by Storm Trooper 3 weeks ago

“You have your nasty shoes on the seat.” Anyone else think she’s kind of being just as rude?

by Todd Cox 2 weeks ago

What is if he doesn’t want to share his pizza

by Its Sarah 3 months ago

She was sitting alone and there they came saying “tHaT iS rUdE

by Shadow The hedgehog 2 months ago

This lady needs to find a different career because she is not succeeding in life if this is what she gets paid to do

by Dallas_41 1 month ago

I wonder how often she was cussed out during the recording of this

by Bvbby's Productions 2 weeks ago

Guys please stop writing mean comments about that annoying lady host

I’m tired of liking them

by Nisala Gamage 1 month ago

"With a pizza- WhIcH yOu CoUlD sHaRe!" Like bro.

by LogicalLuxury 1 year ago

The guy with luggage in his seat was probably like, “y’all running outta stories”

by Tad Martinson 2 months ago

“This guy has the nerve to put his luggage” ok whatever Lisa, it’s such a law breaker

by Titan Legends 3 months ago

when Lisa said nasty shoes I literally laughed my ass off, her shoes weren't even dirty like they looked brand new, like Lisa just shut up please!

by Antani Kabella 2 weeks ago

Judge: Is that everything?
Lisa: 6ix9ine isn’t a Skittle

by 10M_oh 2 months ago

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