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Tourists Join Cliff-Jumping Craze That Kills Dozens Each Year

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Cliff diving is a popular activity among tourists but the thrill can come at a price. In 2015 in the U.S. alone, more than two dozen leaps ended in death. We traveled to Jamaica, a popular spot for the stunt, one American suffered a bloody cut to her nose. IE producer Charlie McLravy was recording in the water when a tourist cut their nose. It hit close to home for McLravy. He nearly lost his life in 2009 after leaping off a bridge near Yosemite, California while on vacation with his family.

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“Cause I’m an idiot”

The greatest answer in the world

by Kim han Lu 10 months ago

Lisa is that one kid in class that always snitches on everyone😂

Edit: omg Thank you for all the likes

by Malin Kt 9 months ago

“We went to speak with the manager”

Karens have entered the chat

by and peggy 3 months ago

Yo they dude who jumped off a bridge that is not “Cliff Jumping” that’s called suicide

by Raixnyrxses 8 months ago

Lisa be like: 🙋🏼‍♀️”Teacher, you forgot to collect last nights homework!”

by anthony thompson 1 year ago

No one:
Not a single soul:
news reporter: unfortunately she she is ok...

by Kristi Salamone 3 months ago

When you realize Lisa has like 40 injections in her melons

by Anthony Miceli 3 months ago

“The party at ricks carry’s on”

COVID-19: ha ha ha we shall see about that.

by Juan Ramirez-Cordero 3 months ago

Lisa was that one kid who told on you for cussing in class to your friends.

by F.B.I. 3 months ago

One time I found a $100 on the ground, and I was scared to pick it up because I thought Lisa would pop up

by SoccerGirl 1 year ago

The manager don’t care cuz he prolly smoke weed himself 😂

by Lyn 3 months ago

“Cause im an idiot.”
At least he’s admitting.

by • NoteBookSR • 2 weeks ago

"We have a drug free policy"
No one
Literally no one:
That on guy: " Imma ruin this whole man career"

by Şträwberřy Bëař 5 months ago


by ToastyStrawb 10 months ago

“Cause I’m an idiot.”
At least he’s self-aware lol

by Small Turtle 1 year ago

I just realized how much of a fun killer inside edition is

by Walter the lizard 9 months ago

How is the Cafés fault? It was clearly the womans fault

by CyberDyll 8 months ago

“Because I’m an idiot” 😂 💀

by Ali Elzabidi 11 months ago

"But if I took marijuana.."
Clearly she has never smoked weed 😅

by Chelsea Chelsea 3 months ago

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