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Woman Who Falls Into Ice Cold Water Is Body Shamed

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Korisa Miller was ice fishing on a dock in Michigan when she suddenly lost her balance and fell into the freezing water. After her body went numb from the icy water, Miller was unable to get herself out. Luckily, two men raced over to help pull her to safety, and the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office caught the emotional incident on video and posted it online. But in a cruel twist, people began posting horrible comments about Miller.

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Inside Edition photo 1 Woman Who Falls Into Ice... Inside Edition photo 2 Woman Who Falls Into Ice... Inside Edition photo 3 Woman Who Falls Into Ice... Inside Edition photo 4 Woman Who Falls Into Ice...

How about this for a title?
"Brave men save helpless woman from drowning to death"

by Mauricio Romero 8 months ago

Honestly, pretty dam misleading. The title sound like the hero’s who pulled her out were body shaming her

by WarTech 2000 2 months ago

"woman is offended on internet, news channel blows it out of proportion"
"people who saved her life, given almost no credit"
fixed the title

by Nobody 2 months ago

Why even acknowledge the "body shamers?" Focus on the fact that her life was saved.

by I HATE YOU ALL 2 months ago

When 4 people on the internet called you a walrus and inside edition blasts it to an additional 7 million or so people around the world.

by Dave Callaway 8 months ago

Body shamed??She nearly died.Who cares about mean comments.Instead of the story being about the men that saved her and how easily she nearly died oh no its focused on a few idiots calling her names.Smh.

by George Cameroon 2 months ago

Not very fun fact:
Showing people that body shaming has more influence than a nearly tragic event gives power to body shaming.

by Trydodis 2 months ago

I was scared for the man in red. He looked exhausted after.

by Playana Kobi 2 months ago

If she wasn’t “body shamed,” would they even acknowledge the men who SAVED HER LIFE!?!?

by Brody Penn 1 week ago

She’s talking about how horrible it is too being called a “walrus” , but what’s most terrible is focusing more on her weight than the people who saved her, maybe mention them and thank them besides caring about what people say

by Abizadael Flores 6 months ago

Notice how nobody’s talking about how it was wrong that people body shamed her?

by Yumtea 4 weeks ago

Aparently saving a woman's live dosent matter her size dose

by animal family 3 weeks ago

Who gives a damn about the mean comments?!She almost died, and the people who saved her didn’t even get credit.

by lavernes edits 2 weeks ago

Who cares about her size just thank god she is safe..

by Samantha Tucker 2 months ago

Her: "I almost died"

People: walrus

by doinks 6 months ago

You completely missed the story. The story is "Good Samaritans keep woman alive while waiting for emergency services"

by Blue Turtle 2 months ago

Meanwhile in the scandinavian countries:
nice day for a morning swim -10°c

by Leo Cassidy 3 weeks ago

People ignorant af like seriosly she could’ve lost her life

by mimi s 2 months ago

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