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No Jail Can Hold This Man...

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No Jail Can Hold This Man...
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Be it in the Shawshank Redemption, Prison Break or Chicken Run- film and television has long made breaking out of jail look awesome. But the reality is that it's much tougher to break out of a maximum security prison than the films make it look, not that anybody told these people who broke out of prison in ways you wouldn’t think of!.
There’s probably no prison quite as famous as Alcatraz- it’s literally been referenced in The Simpsons, and if that’s not the peak of iconic we don’t know what is. While there were several attempted prison breaks from Alcatraz, none are quite as legendary as the one that went down in June 1962..
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See you boys in a few years when youtube recommends it again

by dmoneyひ 6 months ago

Hey future YouTube watchers at 04:00am...i was here in 2020 August, enjoy✌️

by Nyiko Makaringe 3 months ago

So no-one is going to talk about how they are legit telling us how to escape from jail😂

by Asanele Dlamini 1 month ago

Why am I sad that these criminals got caught back

by Fugitive Lemon 3 months ago

Most iconic prison escape in history

Yoshie: hold my miso soup

by My Name Is Jeff 5 months ago

There is a jail no one can escape.... [[it’s called quarantine]].

by ilunga kalala 5 months ago

You gotta let a man go if he literally dug a hole using his food bowl

by Fugitive Lemon 3 months ago

The man who used miso soup technique is. Genius😲😮

by sana zulekha 12 hours ago

Yoshi actually was in 5 prisons, the 5th one he just accepted it because the guard were nicer, better conditions, better prison is general and because he was nice his final sentence was shorten

by Justin Herrera 4 months ago

Why am I sad that these criminals got caught back

by Cyber Security 4 hours ago

No jail can handle this man

My school: Are you sure about that?

by エースACE 6 months ago

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. john .

by cartopcake 76 1 month ago

It's funny that this happened in 1962 and someone just came up with an idea to talk about something a long time ago in 2020

by Ivan Gutierrez 4 months ago

There is only one prison they can never escape there self

by Larry W Thompson 1 day ago

Hi random person scrolling through the comments 😅😊😊, thanks for so many likes y’all 😁😌💕

by Lajada Mckinnon 6 months ago

Didnt knew Yoshi is that powerfull that no one can hold him.

by SolidRock01 1 month ago

Everybody gangsta until he gets into Black Dolphin.

by Dorian Vlogs 1 month ago

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