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Black Power Youtubers Don’t Care If Trump Tweets White Power

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Javen Bullets Awaricus photo 1 Black Power Youtubers Don’t Care... Javen Bullets Awaricus photo 2 Black Power Youtubers Don’t Care... Javen Bullets Awaricus photo 3 Black Power Youtubers Don’t Care... Javen Bullets Awaricus photo 4 Black Power Youtubers Don’t Care...

edit: (I forgot to say this)also if you can find one or a few post(s) about it that's not good enough, when compare to the way they treat other less important issues.

by Javen Bullets Awaricus 1 weeks ago

Self preservation, brother. Being pro black is not beneficial imo with no race loyalty or community behind u to have your back. Focus on self and immediate family u can trust.

by a n 1 weeks ago

You about to see a bunch of videos about Jada Picknet Smith and August I forgot what his last name is. Our people are too focused on meaningless sports and entertainment bs but not something as serious as the leadership of this country sounding a full blown racial war against our people.

by antjams 1 weeks ago

Our people are all about entertainment or crying over the criminals in our community.

by chocmilk10 1 weeks ago

Javens also did you see Trump say that he wants the Senate to pass a bill that is a person burns, kneel towards or stomp on a American flag one year in prison and Trump himself just signed an executive order to increase the amount of time in jail/prison to ten years for anyone that vandalised/ or destroys a statue. He even in his tweets shared the national parks police wanted photos of mostly BLK people. Where are all the BLK Youtubers that keeps bringing the 1994 crime bills when it comes to Biden. Trump is literally saying he wants to put more BLK People in jail for non violent offenses.

by antjams 1 weeks ago

Watch..TYT... discuss the Senior citizens Civil.War...at this retirement community...they are going at it!

by halima candy 1 weeks ago

YVETTE CARNELL has time to do a whole stream about Beyonce's new video but blind as hell to Trump 🤔

by Just Me 1 weeks ago

@Javen Man I've been saying this a while nothing on trump. I would have thought the ones who talk about government would have did a full show on the policies of Trump
They too busy talking about celebrities who they say they dont care about. The ones who talks about W.S. Trump teed it up for them to do 2 shows. Trump literally had a shirt logo of Nazi, rallies on the dates blacks were slaughtered., Nothing not a mention. Oh, correction one said Trump gone spew a lot of WS at his rally dont let that scare you.

by WisdomisKey 1 weeks ago

I've Had Good Reason To Keep Saying That The "black power" People Are The Offspring Of J. Edgar Hoover...That "black power" Stuff Has Been White Power For About 6 Decades...And Trump's Presidency Has Really Brought The "black power" People Out In The Open Just Like A Lot Of White White Supremacist Has Became More Visible...So More Visible That Government Officials Have Been Called To Testify As To Their Existence.

by I Am The Mad Head Doctor 1 weeks ago

After Farrakhan was trained by Jim Jones and the NOI used Mohammad's Mosque as a recruitment center for the Peoples Temple (912 dead Black people in Guyana), he became the Black Face of American leadership in 1985. The Black Nationalist leader openly praised Adolph H. as a great man. You are finally discovering the ignorance and hypocrisy of Pro-Black minstrels. Scientology will be giving a speech through L Ron Hubbard's field hand on the 4th, IA.

by Asad1969 1 weeks ago

I was going to make a post on one of your videos talking about how all the so called pro Blk YouTubers steered clear from talking about this situation. As I been thinking the most of them after the big absence outrage a few years ago of not been able to make enough money off of YouTube. It seems like the Trump campaign or other racists that supports him are cutting these big pro Blk YouTubers a big check. They all made hundreds of videos immediately when Joe Biden made his little joke saying that BLK Trump supporters like Candace Owens are not BLK in reality those people claimed to be Americans aka Whyte over been Blk. Whenever Trump says something blatant racist toward BLK people there is total silence.

by antjams 1 weeks ago

The closer we get to the election, the LOUDER the dog whistles will become. Conversely, the louder Trump acts, the quieter these youtube grifters get.

by Nestlee Pipes 1 weeks ago

There are a lot of "fake blk people" out there and I am sure that among the "blk power" youtubers there are some fakes also. Remember the FBI infiltrated a lot of pro black groups under "Cointelpro". But to say all of them are somehow dishonest is "fake news" and you know it. You're just mad that the "blk you tubers" are not doing like you and kissing the behind of the proposed dem pres. candidate.

by Ken K 1 weeks ago

When President Obama does a bland speech from their POV. Out of the woods, tweets, videos, breakdown to the root of the words he said. I be like dam!

by WisdomisKey 1 weeks ago

Actually the "Karen'" reports are critical because they speak of a system. Trump on the other hand has plenty of whites calling him out for his remarks, which is as it should be, as they are also now calling out police abuse, health care disparities, etc, as they should be again.

by Glory Sullivan 1 weeks ago

I take you think Blacks should vote blue no matter who or what.

by John X 1 weeks ago

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