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Ronaldinho - Football's Greatest Entertainment

#Ronaldinho #Football Goals #Craziest Skills Ever ● C.Ronaldo ● Neymar ● Messi ● Ronaldinho |HD #Soccer #Sports
Ronaldinho Gaúcho best skills & goals for FC Barcelona, Brazil, AC Milan. PSG & more! Share this video with Dinho if you enjoyed: https://twitter.com/10Ronaldinho
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Ronaldinho be like
Yellow card: smile
Red card: smile
Win: smile
Lose: smile
Jail: smile

by W for Wavy 5 months ago

Those dislikes are from Sergio Ramos with different accounts

by Rivaldo 112 2 months ago

For me this guy is the best footballer I've ever seen just pure genius

by Devon Hall 1 month ago

No words man ... just can't get enough of him !
i want more 😭

by WeSpeakFootball 2 years ago

He plays like the type of player every child dreams of playing like when they grow up

by RayZD 1 month ago

Kid: dad, if he was that good, why doesn't he have 6 Ballon D'Or like Messi?

Father: because he didn't want to.

by Anthony Jimenez 3 weeks ago

Imagine if he had tried to play serious.

by Eligio Budde 1 month ago

Imagine Ronaldinho had CR7's work ethic. This is honestly the scariest thought I ever had.

by Heramish 2 months ago

Messi makes Barcelona look good
CR7 makes Real Madrid look good
But...Ronaldinho makes football look good🙌

by World Is Blue 2 years ago

Its like this guy literally had music playing in his head and he was dancing to it.

by Bxxgey_man 4 weeks ago

He's literally so good he can take the world's biggest sport and treat like as a simple game of checkers, and knows it. That's incredible.

by jordangoodchap 4 weeks ago

Ronaldinho : like
Zidane, pele...

by Maria Bacelar 4 days ago

CR7: rico💲
Zidane:maestro 👏
Cruyff: inovador 😲
Pele: o rei 👑
Maradona : incrível 👌
Iniesta e xavi:🎭
Neymar: talento 👍
R9: magnífico 🔱
Romario: gols ⚽
Plantini: imprevisí💣
Mane.G: musico🎶🎵
Zico:obdf 🙌
Ibra: o lutador ➖
R.carlos: efeito 😨
G.miller: el aleman🃏
Rivaldo:o ciclista⤴➡
Rivelino: o dança💃
Beckham: pnc😎
Di Stefano: RM💎
T.hery:el cômico 🗼
F.puskas: elegante 🙆

E com vocês


Pelo menos pra mim

O melhor

Do mundo












Thank's fo YOU

by Maria Bacelar 4 days ago

Can we all just take the time to appreciate this man’s editing?

by Seaflux Gaming 3 months ago

Único jogador que tem título até na cadeia , monstro R10

by Pa1N 2 days ago

For technical skills and speed I don’t think anyone will ever come close.

by Stef 1 month ago

Ronaldinho Gaúcho was born with Talento, okay he only played 2/3 years but they were the Best in FOOTBALL.

by Alex Gomez 2 weeks ago

He made me watch football. Every kid outside wanted to be like him.
The favourite of all time.

by Robin Tur 1 month ago

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