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is post PMS a thing? 3 days of me being moody

LaurDIY Vlogs photo 1 is post PMS a thing?... LaurDIY Vlogs photo 2 is post PMS a thing?... LaurDIY Vlogs photo 3 is post PMS a thing?... LaurDIY Vlogs photo 4 is post PMS a thing?...

To the small amount of people who see this comment have an amazing day and stay safe

by Neve Acres 1 months ago

lauren in normal pitch- “so thats the tea w that, sis”
door opens
jeremy in low-ass voice- “sis”

by katlyn rose 1 months ago

Lauren is the only thing keeping me sane during quarantine

by Marin Baroody 1 months ago

Lauren is so nice to be making care packages for her friends, family and women's shelters 🥺

by Sierra DeBusk 1 months ago

I love that it’s “Maggie, Korndiddy’s girl friend” and not “Maggie, Zack from the try guy’s girlfriend”.

by c frick731 1 months ago

It may be post PMS or just weird feelings that suddenly emerge due to living through a pandemic and being quarantined for four months. I definitely relate.

by Jasmine 1 months ago

Lauren: “So I’ve got an extra shirt in case something goes wrong.”
Me:”Bouncy water???”

by Brooklynne Weadick 1 months ago

"Im about to video chat with Kelly Clarkson?!"

by Merri Jane 1 months ago

uuuum anyone check lauren's shop link lately? Its a Jadyn's Diy prep site now. . .

by Raeanne Gardner 1 months ago

Stay safe girl. I have never been more grateful to be in Canada. I mean Newfoundland has been Covid free for 30 days today. We are going strong. Stay safe friends wash your hands and wear masks! Social distance and be wise

by Amandaandlola NL 1 months ago


by Mickey Mouse 1 months ago


Me: stops everything when i see the notification
Edit:thanks for 137 likes

by Katie O Callaghan 1 months ago

me: shocked that lauren isnt a legal us citizen lol

by April O'Quinn 1 months ago

Who else just wants to be on a pr list 😢

by Lily Jackson 1 months ago

Who else thinks her wavy hair is so pretty

by ratata 1 months ago

Hey girl, be careful with doing the “ sprout”updo constantly. Just like doing any high pony, it can cause a lot of breakage/hair loss, especially with how little hair you pull back tightly right on the crown!!

by Molly B 1 months ago

PMS is premenstrual syndrome. once you’re off your period, technically you’re premenstrual again

by misses elise 1 months ago

When ur sooo early u don’t know what to comment lol

by Kara Clark 1 months ago

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