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How to crash an airplane – Nickolas Means | The Lead Developer UK 2016

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On July 19, 1989, United Airlines Flight 232 was en route to Chicago when a mechanical failure caused the plane to become all but uncontrollable. In this unsurvivable situation, the flight crew saved more than half of those onboard. How did they do it?
Flight crews and software teams actually have a lot in common, and there’s much we can learn from how the best crews do their jobs. What can we learn from the story of United 232? While this talk won’t earn you your pilot’s license, you’ll definitely come away with some fresh ideas on how to make your team even more amazing.
Nick hails from Austin, TX, the Taco Capital of the World. When he’s not busy eating tacos, he’s the VP of Engineering at Wellmatch Health, working with an incredibly talented team of developers to bring transparency to healthcare pricing. He’s a huge believer that software development is mostly human interaction and that empathy is the key to building great software.

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i watched 39 minutes of talk about airplanes just to hear that this is developer conference

by Jakubiak Kos 1 year ago

Passenger: "I need a whiskey."
Barman: "Heavy day huh?"
Passenger: "Yeah... Yeah, i'd think so..."
Barman: "Any particular reason?"
Passenger: *points at plane crash on television.* "Yeah, i just landed."

by Volvith 1 year ago

Capt Al Haynes recently died on August 25, 2019.. RIP Sir

by 1208FrontDoor 1 year ago

"It was not until 35 minutes after the crash that rescuers identified the debris that was the remains of the cockpit, with the four pilots alive inside. All four recovered from their injuries and eventually returned to flight duty."
Jesus Christ.

by boiledelephant 7 months ago

The guy who returned to get his suitcase then went to the airport bar is a legend

by ShyWolf 1 year ago

15 years after that crash I was asked to edit a video by the GM at the plant that repaired the fan blades for that engine. He told me he'd never forget the day that he got the call from NTSB telling him to gather up all of the records for the engine repairs and be in Chicago the next day along with the Quality Manager.
I still work at the plant here in 2020 and many of the folks who worked to repair commercial engine fan blades are retired but many more are my friends who work there. I know bringing up United 232 is taboo. The repair service was cleared of any wrong doing but my friends still wish they had a crystal ball to find the tiny crack that lead to the failure.
Capt. Al Haynes who passed almost a year ago along with the 3 other crew members were heroes that day.
I take my job very serious, even though I'm not a tech or quality control, maintaining the computers and integrity of the data used to repair planes is my job. Watching this video is a reminder to try making everyone there be a team player to repair those magnificent flying machines.

by PizzaPete1958 7 months ago

I remember having a conversation with my father about this crash. At the time he was an airline pilot with 30,000+ hours. He was known for successfully pulling off maneuvers that simulator check pilots and FAA checkride pilots had never seen performed before successfully. But when I asked him about this particular crash, he just said, "I couldn't do that." UAL 232 was a truly amazing feat.

by Shellie Flett 1 year ago

Youtube: How to crash an airplane.

Me: Oh good, 2020 was getting depressing.

by J P 7 months ago

"Do whatever you can do to keep us away from the city."
Those are the words of a true hero.

by No Name Supplied 1 year ago

That guy who went back and got his luggage was my dad's old boss. Crazy, that man was.

by SevenSixTwo 1 year ago

Pleased to see the title doesn’t contain the word “TUTORIAL”

by Arami 8 months ago

While this talk is designed for software engineers, I believe the principles of leadership can be applied to any group. Well worth the watch.

by Jamali Jack 7 months ago

Commercial airliner cartwheels down a runway in a ball of fire and smoke

That one dude: Holy shit my suitcase!

by Ossifyn 7 months ago

Air Pilot: I learnt how to fly airplanes to overcome my greatest fear.
Someone else: The fear of heights?
Air Pilot: No, the fear of dying alone.

by Adrian Metcalf 7 months ago

Captain Haynes has just passed away a couple of days ago. Saw the news straight after watching this. RIP.

by Finn Harris 1 year ago

"Yeah I'll be having Whiskey"
* Bartender pours glass *
"Nice of you to save a glass for someone else."
* Bartender suspiciously hands man the bottle *

by Steven Musgrove 8 months ago

Youtube: Yeah sure, let's recommend him this
Me: Yeah sure let's watch this
My FBI agent: * Looks at the Title * Mhm...

by 11 Penguins in a Van 8 months ago

“Land on any runway”
My response to this:
“Does the grass count?”

by Electric_Bagpipes 8 months ago

And now, everytime they smell chicken strips, they're going to remember the time they almost died

by shammy keyz 7 months ago

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