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[MV] 화사 (Hwa Sa) - 마리아 (Maria)

#화사 #마리아 뮤직비디오 #Maria #화사 마리아 #Music
[MV] 화사 (Hwa Sa) - 마리아 (Maria)
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#마리아 #Maria MV #MAMAMOO #María #HWASA #Hwa Sa #마마무 #마리아 뮤비

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Theory: this song is about self love and overcoming criticism. At the beginning we can see many people offering lighter to light up her cigarette. It can be interpreted as people trying make her feel good only if she does harm to herself. In the scene with the pool being locked up by the police many people are taking pictures but no one shows up to her funeral like she is an object who was subject of criticism and attention when alive but no one remebers her when she's dead although they were the reason for her death. When she sits up on her death bed she tries to portray the feelings of self love to her past self. It's like even her ghost was sad for how she treated herself listening to people who didn't even care about her. Thus she sings "Maria you're already beautiful" . In the mv she offers her organs to people to eat it up. It shows how tired she is from receiving all the hate and backlash from the knetz just for not fitting their standards. The people covering their face with a red cloth are waiting to eat her up just like how those people on internet hate on idols from hiding behind their computers. The pencils attacking her are the reporters and the press. The crown with nails mean her success came with scars too just like the nails on the crown. And at the scene before the ending where she screams "Maria" she's desperate to let herself know that she's beautiful and loved to stop herself from killing herself. If it were not for her being so strong and her bandmates she would have really ended up dead.

This song is probably hwasa's most personal song. It's heartbreaking to see how korean netizens treat idols who doesn't fit their standard of beauty.

P.s-> this is completely my own opinion and nothing related to any official statement by hwasa or rbw. And yes, most of the knets treated hwasa real badly. Even if you feel offended that's the truth.

by rose 1 weeks ago

Those 12k people who disliked this video doesn't have taste in music

by Junilie Pantig 2 days ago

People who disliked this masterpiece don't have a good taste.

by Kpop Lover 2 days ago

Please vote hwasa in mubeat,please let's give her a win.

by Ri Chie 2 days ago

She just...doesn't realise she's making quarantine better for everyone..

by JK's Sasaeng 4 days ago

I'm not a fan of Mamamoo/Hwasa but I really liked this song. I like Hwasa's scene in that bath tub (i think haha). I feel like it portrays how celebrities' private life becomes showcase sometimes. Ya know, like in bathroom, our clothes are off.

by Klarrise Shiela 2 days ago

To those 12k people who disliked :...... WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU

by Jayant Meshram 2 days ago

the truth is: we'll all be dead if she ever performs with that red dress

by サンジユウ 1 weeks ago

"people" (tbh rats) who called her ugly can honestly go to hell, no one is ugly, only because you don't find the person attractive doesn't mean it's ugly..

by Renāte Jansone 1 days ago

She is a very talented artist. And to imagine companies didn't like her because of her visuals, pfff. She is a queen.

by 平和 1 days ago

Me hizo llorar pero bueno . La amo con todo lo que soy. Es una guerrera, una diosa, tu diosa, mi diosa, nuestra diosa. Las chicas y ella son todo lo que está bien en este mundo. Sin ellas nada tendría sentido, ojalá los haters se den cuenta de lo mal que están haciendo en hacerles mal a las chicas, que los periodistas dejen de criticar, que la sociedad no sólo coreana si no la sociedad en si dejen de hacer tanto mal a gente inocente, las empresas dejen de utilizar a los idols como si fueran productos que solo sirven para producir dinero y que lo traten como humanos y los protejan como tal..

by Lucy Moon 2 days ago

2020 is worst...but hwasa maria happened to me like miracle

by Prabhjot Randhawa 17 hours ago

Hwasa’s catholic name is Maria. This song is literally for her..
She’s so quiet about everything but a lot of her songs are about how she’s been attacked over and over by media and people. How can we protect her?

by 맘진돗개 1 weeks ago

Ok this MV made all Straight girls got whipped.

by KookieZuki 1 days ago

tbh, i don't get why people call her ugly when she is fking beautiful. she has this unique charisma, she's truly one of a kind.

by Carmen Sandiego 1 days ago

I'm sorry but why does this song feel like it's just 30 seconds???? I was enjoying it so much and it's already over like what?

by Someone Here 2 days ago

There is one fact: This is the summer song of 2020

by Lina Camelia 2 days ago

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