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Biden VP hopefuls speak out: Bass says she is ready; Duckworth challenges Trump on violence

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Possible Joe Biden running mate Rep. Karen Bass, D-Calif., addressed her differences with Biden on "Medicare-for-all" and expressed regret over a controversial comment she made about Fidel Castro. Meanwhile, another potential Biden pick, Sen. Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill., issued a challenge for President Trump in light of recent violent protests. Bass and Duckworth are among several women rumored to be up for the position of Bidens running mate, and in an interview with Fox News Sunday Bass explained why she would be right for the job. KAREN BASS, ON BIDEN VP SHORTLIST, SCRAMBLES TO EXPLAIN REMARKS ON CASTRO, SCIENTOLOGYI think anybody that is willing to become vice president, if theyre invited, should be ready and I think that I am, Bass said. Bass has a different position on health care from Biden. She is in favor of "Medicare-for-all," while Biden supports having a public option without doing away with private insurance. Bass denied sayingthat Biden has the wrong idea, while still maintaining that the country should move toward having health care as a right for all. No, I dont think that the vice president is wrong at all, Bass said. What I do believe in is that health care should be a right. I think that we should be like the rest of the industrial nations and provide health care. But what I believe specifically is that we need to repair the damage that was done and has been done over the last ten years to the Affordable Care Act. We need to repair the damage, we need to expand that, and then over time we need to figure as a nation, how do we make health care as a right for everyone. CALIFORNIA PAPER URGES BIDEN TO PICK KAREN BASS OVER KAMALA HARRIS FOR RUNNING MATEBass was at the center of a recent controversy over flattering words that she offered for Fidel Castro upon the former Cuban leaders passing in 2016. The passing of the Comandante en Jefe is a great loss to the people of Cuba, Bass said

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