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FOOTAGE of Mike Perry KO'ing old man at a bar, Perry reacts to video....Smith on Masvidal vs Usman

#UFC #anthony smith on masvidal vs usman #mma reactions #mike perry old man texas #Sports
FOOTAGE of Mike Perry KO'ing old man at a bar!
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- Footage emerges of Mike Perry striking an old man at a bar in Texas
Source: https://twitter.com/MMAEejit
- Reactions to video of Mike Perry altercation with old man
- Mike Perry says 'no comment' in response to altercation video
- Ben Askren reacts to Mike Perry altercation video
- Kevin Holland reacts to Mike Perry KO'ing old man at a bar
- Paige VanZant says UFC 251 is the last bout on her UFC contract
- Anthony Smith likes Jorge Masvidal's chances against Usman
- Jack Shore discusses bout with Aaron Phillips on July 15 on Fight Island
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MMA FOCUS photo 1 FOOTAGE of Mike Perry KO'ing... MMA FOCUS photo 2 FOOTAGE of Mike Perry KO'ing... MMA FOCUS photo 3 FOOTAGE of Mike Perry KO'ing... MMA FOCUS photo 4 FOOTAGE of Mike Perry KO'ing...

Applause to the old man for taking fight with Mike Perry on probably 3 minute notice 🔥

by Aaditya Vermaa 1 weeks ago

When Mike Perry was sat on the bench I was waiting for his girlfriend to appear with a bag of ice.

by Ants_rc's 1 weeks ago

On the real tho if you're an old man and a dude who's mike perry size says I'll knock you out, you probably shouldnt start rushing him 🤷‍♂️

Edit: I agree with everyone who says he needs help. He is in the wrong but in my prospective not with the old man situ. I'd hit any man who tries grabbing me. Idk where tf your hands have been

by Jerrot Lainez 1 weeks ago

Mike Perry was saying out loud multiple times "he touched me" and was standing at the exit point of the bar. The old man then goes AGAIN to touch Mike Perry.
Mike Perry hit him ONCE only and then sat down and was OK with police coming.
Pike Perry legally defended himself and I don't care if the man was old. You touch me woman, man or different of age and I lay you out too.
Mike Perry literally defended his rights.

by David Barber 1 weeks ago

He literally said he’ll knock him out the old man shouldn’t been suprised

by Gavin J 1 weeks ago

Mike Perry is now 2-0 with his gf in his corner

by rev 1 weeks ago

Conor looking at him like “son I’m so proud of you”

by Diamond Dave 1 weeks ago

And just like that Mike Perry had a new "coach" cornering him in his next fight 😂😂😂

by nks432 1 weeks ago

I mean old dude came after him, soooo 🤷‍♂️

by ramosam23 1 weeks ago

Mike is probably one of those guys that shouldn’t drink alcohol.

by J B 1 weeks ago

There goes his last "corner man" lmao She doesn't look happy

by Dark Glass 1 weeks ago

That old man actually made FUN of him and charged at him first as a result he realized at the hospital that he was Make Perry NOT GSPerry I mean not the nicest MMA fighter.

by ravshanormsby 1 weeks ago

Why is Mike Perry sitting down after the KO
You won Platinum, there ain’t gonna be a second round

by Gda Rippa 1 weeks ago

Mike APPEARS to “knock his old ass out “ just like he said he was going to do. 😂

by Richard Croft 1220 1 weeks ago

Probably 10 times of watching I finally caught right after he said I'll knock ur old butt out too u can hear the old dude say "let's see u do it mother f****r" then he went at Perry. Unfortunately I don't think the old dude got to see it BUT lucky for him it was recorded so when he wakes up here will get to see it.

by Chris Hoel 1 weeks ago

Mike : asked for mai tai
Old man : thought muay thai ..
Old man : accepts and charges
Mike : puts him to sleep 💤

by Andy Torres 1 weeks ago

"The Legend of Drunken Master," starring Mike "Adam Sandler" Perry, now on VOD.

by Fluoride Jones 1 weeks ago

“Did you touch me ?!” Old man unconscious

by Randy Chiasson 2 days ago

Was that Perry's girlfriend that was yelling at him? 😆

Also, love Asken's response. And it's true.

by White Lives Matter 1 weeks ago

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