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Top 10 Kids Who Remembered Their Past Life

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Top 10 Kids Who Remembered Their Past Life
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There have been many instances of kids remembering their past lives. A lot of them have memories of their previous birth. Do you guys believe in reincarnation? Can anyone here recollect their past life? Today we have the Top 10 Kids Who Remembered Their Past Life exclusively on Most Amazing Top 10.
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Them: remember their past life
Me: can't remember what I had for dinner yesterday

by ur mom 8 months ago

Them: Remembers their past life.
Me: Cant even remember why I came downstairs

by Elisa Camou 2 months ago

Guy: gets away with murder
Some random child: I’m about to ruin this man’s whole career.

by Shadow Unicorn 1 month ago

Them: Can remember their past life

Me: forgets where I put my phone 15 seconds ago

by NiteStorm324 2 months ago

these kids: remember a whole past life
me: can't remember why i wake up in the morning

by Melissa 9 months ago

These small kids: * remembering their past lives*
Me who cant remember where I put my homework.

by Clark Salut 1 month ago

Me : watching this late at night
My hamster: making loud noise in her cage next to my bed
Me: 👁👄👁

by Rain Clousd 4 months ago

I have a weird fact my little 3 year old sister keeps talking about this man she calls dad but her dad left when she was a baby so she never knew him then....does this mean she remembers her past life

My mum told me about this time I was talking about this house in Texas were I apparently had another family who died for no known reason😑I don't even remember it now

by Fire wolf_2010 4 months ago

Around ish scared the heck out of me. It was completely dark in my room at 3:11 A.M.

by Rasco Shadow 2 months ago

Her: These kids remember their past lives
Me: I can’t even remember my dreams

by Luca Whelan 8 months ago

“Kids have a mind of their own.” Uh, yeah they do. Are they like, parasites?

by Nat G 3 months ago

Kids: *remembers past life*
Me: *cant even remember where my mask is*
Mom: *cant remember where the belt is*

by H i 1 month ago

This is weird but I have faded memory of being in a jungle.... I can't remember what it was called... This monkey kept following me. I decided to name him "cacuo" I don't know what language that was..... I remember fishing with a weaved rope and him being there but he'd always keep atleast 20 ft away from me...thats all I can remember but I can't stop having the weird re-accuring dream about cacuo

by KATH Heggie 4 months ago

“Kids can remember their past life’s!”

Me: wha-
but meh mum told me we only had 1 life-

by ꧁ Lemon ꧂ 3 months ago

" the girl who just wants to go home"
Do you mean me at family events?

by Evan the Nerd 9 months ago

Kid,s remember there past life
Me : Don’t know why I’m coment

by It’s Keesha 4 months ago

When my older brother was about three years old, he would regularly tell my mother stories that all started with: "When I was a soldier and you were my child..."

by PlumDutchess 1 month ago

So apparently tickling was once a form of torture. When I was like 3-5 years old I used to have nightmares of someone from my family or a friend acting a little strange. Suddenly they started tickling me until the point where it hurt. I would scream and beg them to stop but they would keep going and honestly looked like they were on crack or a psychopath. I’m starting to think my brain knew that tickling was a form a torture (I learned that when I was ten) and remembered being tortured in a past life which fueled these nightmares. Idk tell me what ya’ll think.

by M. Rose SMITH 4 months ago

Them: The kid's russian.

Me: Stranger Things... Remembering their past lives = strange thing...

by Ivan Yang 1 month ago

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