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UFC Star Mike Perry Doesn't Regret Knocking Out Elderly Man During Restaurant Altercation

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UFC Star Mike Perry Doesn't Regret Knocking Out Elderly Man During Restaurant Altercation..
It's reported that the elderly man whom the professional wrestler punched during the altercation at a Texas restaurant suffered injuries and had to be transported to a hospital. Jul 9, 2020  AceShowbiz - Mike Perry caused a ruckus in a Texas restaurant on Tuesday night, July 7. The UFC star got into a physical altercation when he and his girlfriend, Latory Gonzalez, were enjoying dinner at the Table 82 restaurant in Lubbock, Texas around 10:30 P.M, and the altercation was caught on video.   In the clip that made rounds online, Mike and his girlfriend was seen leaving the restaurant as he yelled at a person with whom he apparently had an argument. However, just when the two reached the exit, Mike refused to leave the restaurant and prompted his girlfriend to talk some sense into him. More people tried to calm him down later on, including an elderly man who apparently got on his nerves.       Mike was later seen knocking out the elderly man, before sitting on a ledge and challengin ...

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Professional wrestler? Man, get your facts right before trying to publish news about it. He’s no actor... He’s a UFC fighter bro

by Blastmenn 2 months ago

This has to be one of the dumbest videos I’ve ever seen... a 4 min vid with the same two tweets rolling across screen. Due to lack of content you drill the same over and over then dissect it line by line. Next... referring to a pro MMA finger a professional wrestler and last but not least you directly imply “the elderly man was trying to calm him down”. He blatantly mocked him then engaged him. This video is trash, do yourself and everyone else a favor and find a new hobby instead of spreading your misinformation.

by Keith Wilson 2 months ago

He was outnumbered by a bunch of hooligans putting hands on him. They were warned

by Brendan Nelson 2 months ago

I feel dumber after watching that video. Who says professional wrestler for MMA? Total B.S.

by Scott Gardner 2 months ago

I know this sounds crazy, but if you look at the octagon there is the monster drink logo in middle, that represents in hebrew triple 6s, the tear and rip is in the exact form of those symbols, and then shed blood in a ritual fight for money, i have a feeling he is possessed by demons that he has no control over now, he sounds absolutely insane with paranoia and jealousy. I know there has to be a sacred rite that can help him, this is more than simply mental problems or substance, this is spiritual. Anyone who disagrees don't know how these elitists work, and how they throw symbolism in our faces

by Shablé 2 months ago

Facts the (elderly man) in footage mocks perry, perry says ill knock you out. THEN the 250 lb elderly man pushes perry, perry throws 1 punch n kos him.
Kids what did we learn today?
Dont put your hands on pro fighters

by Jake McCormick 2 months ago

whole different situation to the McGregor one
I clicked on the video with that McGregor accident in my mind but I just saw an old guy who tried to fight an mma fighter and got checked
I'm 100 percent with Mike Perry on this one and still Nate would smash him in 2 rounds

by moz_boxing 2 months ago

Professional wrestler?? :12 🤔🤔

by Rose Green 2 months ago

No respectable man would do that. And no respectable man would train this guy to fight after seeing this.

by orageman 2 months ago

MIKE PERRYS A STR8 G! A funny one too 😂

by Vince Ogawa 2 months ago

Professional wrestler??? Lol

by j. j. 2 months ago

This video doesn’t tell the whole story, not even kinda. The elder guy escalated it

by nikoskinner 1 week ago

I watched several angles dont lunge at an mma fighter the guy tried to grab him and got knocked out moral of story wait for the cops lunging at an mma fighter will get you knocked out the end.

by Rebecca Palmer 2 months ago


by Sean 2 months ago

I don’t know why , but I root for him. Maybe because of his funny side. I just want to see him straighten out his issues.

by David Banner 2 months ago

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