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NHL Highlights | Second Round, Gm6: Golden Knights @ Canucks - Sept. 03, 2020

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Last time Thatcher was this dominant, Argentina lost the Falkland Islands.

by Jeff Sokol 1 month ago

I gotta say man..As a Blues fan I was a bit butthurt after the series because I thought the Blues were a better team that just was not playing good hockey. After watching a few games from this series I no longer feel that way. The young bucks from Vancouver can fuckin play. I still think I am pulling for Tampa because of the hometown hero patty maroon but I would not mind seeing a fanbase who is dying for a cup finally raise one. Caps, then the Blues, and who knows? Vancouver next? Wouldnt that be somethin special. Dont worry Canuck fans I knocked on wood after saying that haha! From a less salty blues fan, good luck to the nucks I will be pullin for yall in the West now!

by Alec Backy 1 month ago

if the canucks win this year i will run through my house naked

by ehjeie usywyay 1 month ago

its demko's world, we are all just living in it.

by cooper daines 1 month ago

2 must win games during elimination and Demko shuts the door in both, just an amazing game from him and the team, especially Tanev and Motte blocking so many shots. Anything can happen in Game 7 now

by gumby 1 month ago

OG Anunoby with the game winning shot. Only Canadian NHL team left still alive. Solid day for Canada.

by Andrew Persaud 1 month ago

I love how Bo picks up the puck and slaps it into his hand, bumps heads with him and skates away.

by popeye sailor 1 month ago

They are playing a lot more confident in front of Demko. Looking dangerous GG

by Justin Zlotky 1 month ago

These Canucks are getting more aggressive with each series. Their speed matches their tenacity. Let's close this series. We are all Canucks!

by Emmanuel Alejandro 1 month ago

Definitely put a smile on my face to see Lehner stare down Theodore after he failed to stop Pettersson twice from screening him LOL GO Canucks GO!!

by Keven | Printzeh 1 month ago

Demko in net tomorrow and it's over for Vegas. Demko with 50 saves and a breakaway goal


by tj8120 1 month ago

Itโ€™s amazing how Demko broke a record that hadnโ€™t been broken since 1953 by Jacques Plante

by Coolstarburst 1 month ago

Demko is an absolute beauty, what a performance from the guy, 90 saves between two games! 48 saves shutout facing elimination, no problem. GAME 7 boys!!! GO CANUCKS GO!

by Bobcatgames 1 month ago

Demko is the main character in this story.

by itsAlex64 1 month ago

amazing 3 3-1 leads out of 4 series and now we have three 3-3 ties and 3 game sevens not many ways playoff hockey could be better rn

by goavs 1 month ago

Demko!! Better go sleep early my friend, big day tomorrow!! You are a BEAST!!!

by Desmond Johnnie 1 month ago

The kids are alright! Hughes, Demko... inspiring performances!

by Luyen Dao 1 month ago

Itโ€™s amazing the Canucks have taken Vegas to 7 games alone. A lot of people expected this series to only go to 4 or 5. The Canucks are a great story no matter what happens. Itโ€™s anyoneโ€™s game 7 to win!

by TrailBlazer 1 month ago

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