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Get Glam With MADDIE ZIEGLER & Me! | NikkieTutorials

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I have a very special guest on my channel today… MADDIE ZIEGLER! Maddie recently launched a collab with Morphe so today we’re swapping our brand new palettes and getting ready together! Maddie shares the truth about Dance Moms, Sia, and what it REALLY was like filming that music video with Shia LaBeouf! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.

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NikkieTutorials photo 1 Get Glam With MADDIE ZIEGLER... NikkieTutorials photo 2 Get Glam With MADDIE ZIEGLER... NikkieTutorials photo 3 Get Glam With MADDIE ZIEGLER... NikkieTutorials photo 4 Get Glam With MADDIE ZIEGLER...

nikki; the only influencer that is actually social distancing

by Julia Starr 1 week ago

Is no-one going to talk about their matching earrings

by Niamh Johnson 1 week ago

This is the kind of 18 year old influencers we need! Humble but not to the point of downspeaking herself; thoughtful; clearly intelligent and introspective; open about her struggles, and doing it in a way that is uplifting, not wallowing in negativity! Soooo good! 🦋

by Petronella Wessman 1 week ago

Me being like wow maddies skin looks flawless what foundation does she have on then proceeds to watch her put on foundation 👁👄👁

by Gisselley Welly 1 week ago

the way they’re both fangirling about each other is so cute

by olivia williams 1 week ago

To be honest, I do love the fact that Maddie doesn't have a tiktok. Yes she's at the same age just like the other tiktokers, but to be honest I love how unique she is. I love how she remains in the professional career path. She should really continue to focus on her professional actor and dancer career, because that suits her rather than being just a random influencer.

by Epinone 1 week ago

When she said what happened with the cage I thought she was talking about dance moms (Aldc) haha

by z a r i a . m 1 week ago

Does anyone else feel like Maddie was holding back tears, I feel like their support towards eachother was so pure and genuine it rlly made them both emotional

by erin hennessey 1 week ago

Maddie usually never opens up about dance moms. It's nice that she actually did. 💕

by Nessa P 1 week ago

Maddie literally high-key SLAYED her look it’s insane

by Pika Sapien 1 week ago

Imagine having Sia as your God mom .... the luck

by Dyanie Dubon 1 week ago

Maddie is literally the sweetest person in the world and this duo is DA BOMB. While watching this I got vlinders in my stomach with excitement!!!
VLINDER 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

by Adelaide Bertolina 1 week ago

Maddie is that type of celeb that doesn't realize JUST HOW FAMOUS THEY ARE. Like, she is so humble and grateful and genuine. Seriously love her the most!

by Olivia Davis 3 days ago

nikkie: why can’t i look like that
gurllllllllll, why can’t i look like you???

by Autumn Widener 1 week ago

I am so glad Sia saw this girl on tv and was like “this is an ARTIST.” Because she is ❤️

by Anastasia Rath Art 1 week ago

Maddie literally high-key SLAYED her look it’s insane

by diungy alisnr 1 week ago

Maddie trying to avoid saying "Dance Moms" for 26 minutes straight lmaoo

by Umnia Hassaballa 1 week ago

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