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THE 5 CORNER *ALL MYTHIC* CHALLENGE! W/ @TimTheTatman @CouRage & @SypherPK​

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We pulled off the 5 CORNER ALL MYTHIC CHALLENGE in Fortnite Battle Royale!
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Ninja photo 1 THE 5 CORNER *ALL MYTHIC*... Ninja photo 2 THE 5 CORNER *ALL MYTHIC*... Ninja photo 3 THE 5 CORNER *ALL MYTHIC*... Ninja photo 4 THE 5 CORNER *ALL MYTHIC*...

You guys need to do more videos like this together 😂

by xDogged 4 months ago

. I don’t even play fortnite how did this get in my recommended. Anyways he picked up the green burst instead of the blue one

by How Brady does stuff 3 months ago

U didn’t get all of them u forgot the mythic fish 😂

by victoria torrez 3 months ago

The First Time I've Ever Seen Ninja Say NO To A Victory Royale.

by Sj beastly Invasion 3 months ago

The thumbnail kind of looks Christmas themed with the yellow lights/stars.

by Desire 3 months ago

Everyone: Meowscles
Ninja: M-E-O-W-S-I-C-K-E-L-S

by Odyssey Ghost 3 months ago

no damage taken after being hit with shotgun

by Calis Arnold 3 months ago

he picks up a green burst instead of blue

by gh0sty pl4ys 3 months ago

Imagine streaming on Twitch for 8 years and then abandoning it for MIXER

by Gaming With Diego 3 months ago

if u go to the tank teddy bear it will say something mine says press cause I’m on iPad and I pressed it and I got xp

by LAVA MASTER 3 months ago

You might be wondering how this comment has so many likes...

by Kavin Arivan 4 months ago

Is anyone else always triggered when someone says “meowsicles” instead of “meowsles”?

by KaneGamer121 3 months ago

i've done this with my sqaud and i cluchted up

by IzzyKing 3 months ago

Watch ninja, then watch courage, he has the entire vid and he shows the other people’s screen to, but I’m not being mean and saying ninjas vid are bad, I’m making a suggestion

by ElectroDash7 YT 3 months ago

was nobody else triggered that he didn’t pick up the blue burst, also how did he not take damage at

by Maximize Dubs 1 month ago

What I like the most is that the squad uploaded the same content at the same time

by Georges Chaiban 4 months ago

and then I’ll hit them with the gold mythic boiii

by TIMBER_DubzZ 3 months ago

Naw poor tim he can't handle himself🥺😂😂😂

by Ibims Alex 3 months ago

“Remember guys sypher got skill based matchmaking removed” And Ninja got double pump removed

by CytSL_IC3 3 months ago

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