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Brittana Kiss 5x12 | HD

#Lesbians #Santana and Brittany #Santana #Lgtb #Film & Animation
¡Hola chicos! ❤
Esta es una de nuestras escenas favoritas de la serie Glee.
El capítulo es el 5x12.
Esperamos que os guste y no olvidéis darle like y suscribiros si es así 😊

#Brittana #Serie #Kiss #Despacito #Glee #Glee performances #Lesbian couple #Lesbian #Love #Brittany and Santana #Brittany #TV show #Glee club

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Ok so is everyone going to ignore that Brittany is a total top in this scene?

by Bisexual Bitch 3 months ago

Santana ❤️ R.I.P Naya Rivera ❤️ 😔

by Sarah Jéssica 2 months ago

I’m the English comment ur looking for

by i caca 10 months ago

i hate ryan for not giving us enough screen time of these two sweethearts

by random 4 months ago

Devastated. I wish I could’ve been there to save her, or that someone could’ve helped her. Rest in peace, Naya. You saved so many people with LGBT representation, song, and spirit.

by Georgie345 2 months ago

Brit was talking about Dani (Demi lovato), Santana´s girlfriend! And Santana is thinking about Brit now. I miss Glee so much.
I´m re-watching on Netflix. I keep skipping scenes to watch only Santana/brit, Quinn, Mercedes, Sam, Kurt/Blaine scenes.

by spider siri 2 months ago

Naya was such an AMAZING actress!!! The beauty and emotions that come through in this one scene is absolutely incredible...

by Monica Abad 2 months ago

We love you Naya. Santana I love you. Omg this is so hard and unfair. RIP

by Lacey 2 months ago

Estoy tan obsesionada con este beso y no sé por qué.

by Ahn Hyejin-ah 1 year ago

I wonder what they felt when shooting this scene.. kinda real to me 😬

by Kath Abenes 1 month ago

Cuando Santana se aparta me rompe el corazón 😭

by Cassie Luke 3 years ago

Thank you for putting this scene together
How I wish they woulda put in the show

by brianna 4 months ago

i love how you see a very little jump in santana at where she realizes that it's not what she should do

by Harley Quinn 1 month ago

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