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Trump Retweets Video of Supporter Shouting 'White Power' | NowThis

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Pres. Trump retweeted a video Sunday morning that begins with an apparent Trump supporter shouting 'white power' at anti-Trump protesters.
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Trump called his supporters in the video 'great people,' writing: 'Thank you to the great people of The Villages. The Radical Left Do Nothing Democrats will Fall in the Fall. Corrupt Joe is shot. See you soon!!!' The video shows a confrontation between pro-Trump and anti-Trump senior citizens in the Florida community of the Villages, near Orlando. Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC), the only Black Republican in the Senate, has called for the president to delete the tweet. As of publishing time, the president has not done so.
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Cuz nothing demonstrates American strength like driving around in a golf cart

by Ranting Ratite 4 weeks ago

seriously pathetic, trying to look tough in a mobility scooter smh then sticks his tongue out like a kid lmfao

by Jase Boon 4 weeks ago

Billions spent in military, and yet it looks like the White House can’t seem to afford a normal PR staff......

by Master Sonogashira 4 weeks ago

LOL. As a of 54 yrs old white man, I'm embarrassed that' white power' now need's a golf cart to get around. On the bright side, maybe they'll be dead soon.

by Mr407Mike 4 weeks ago

For strangers to Florida, "The Villages" is a corporate-manufactured retirement community for old rich whites, Trump's ideal for the way America should be.
The old "White Power" guy may be ridiculous, but there are a lot of such arrogant morons who retire here from the north, enabling racist Republicans like Desantis to cling to power in an extremely diverse state.
On behalf of decent Floridians, I apologize.

by JRG2733 4 weeks ago

Republicans: we aren't racist, you're racist for calling us racist.

Yeah quit gas-lighting people. You've been doing it since the Birther movement.

by Xyz 4 weeks ago

The angry old women blocking the golf cars is honestly the best thing I've seen all day.

by Rowan Maguire 4 weeks ago

Who is this woman in the black and white? I need to invite her to the cookout

by K ThePharaoh 4 weeks ago

Did a grown man just stick his tongue out as a comeback

by Nathan Cheung 4 weeks ago

This is why the US gets laughed at. This whole video looks like a Southpark episode.

by foufoufun0 4 weeks ago

At least they were met with the same hate they radiate. Im glad people said something to them👏🏽

by Nina C 4 weeks ago

That's why his Supporters Love him because he Validates their Desire to Spew Hate and be Racist.

by Jeff Hall 4 weeks ago

“Theirs no way Trump can get any lower”

Trump: Observe

by Evan Plays 4 weeks ago

I can't believe he's our president. I'd like to say this country has fallen so far but it feels like we've always been this low.

by Leo Matkovsky 4 weeks ago


by S E V E N シ 4 weeks ago

And they want America to believe BLM is the problem with racism. Nope. This problem Racism problem runs deep in the veins of American history.

by stalag Alter Egos 4 weeks ago

How The F he has the time to tweets something so stupid while his country is crumbling all around him.

by Friendly Face 4 weeks ago

Imagine some kid out there just scrolling on their IG or tweet feed and see's this video and is like... that's my grandpa and grandma.. omg 🤦‍♂️

by Hugh Vupy 4 weeks ago

Oh yes promoting white power as if they were oppressed for hundreds of years

by saroicna 4 weeks ago

Trump retweeted it by accident, he was trying to tweet COVFEFE.

by roof pizza 4 weeks ago

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